Tuesday, 26 March 2013


  • I am looking at the many layers inside a rose and imagining how silky it must be within the petals.
  • Realising that after 50 years, I hate the cold weather.
  • Finding out that one of my Great Grandmothers had a tattoo on her arm.
  • Contemplating what to do about painful cracked skin on my thumbs.
  • Thinking about the poor livestock around Britain buried alive under the snow.
  • Building up the enthusiasm to venture out to the local shop to get provisions.
  • Wanting so much to communicate with people, but having little to say.
  • Staring blankly at walls waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • Imagining the dining room table free of clutter so that I can make space to craft.
  • Trying to get wet washing dry over radiators.
  • Thinking about birdsong - haven't heard much lately.
  • Remembering what it feels like to walk barefoot on the grass in the warm summer sunshine.
  • Hoping that an end is in sight for this *'miserabledom that seems to be engulfing me.
  • Expressing gratitude that my boy returned home safely from his weekend school trip.
  • Thinking about what to do next after I have written this blog post.

*I don't know if there was ever such a word - but now there is!


Toffeeapple said...

Perhaps make a cup of tea and think nice thoughts about spring?

I was contemplating making a coffee and walnut cake until I remembered that I would have to get the nuts out of their shells...

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Some positive thinking needed Simone!!
Think about that lovely boy of yours, I know thinking about mine always makes me smile. :)
Time to get your table cleared for some crafting I think!!
V xxx

Puppet Lady said...

You're too hard on yourself, you have plenty to say here. These cold dull days are trying for all of us and I feel we all need some warmth and sunshine. I find Neutrogena hand cream is very good on dry skin. Hoping your day and mood improve. x

Rose Fern said...

I'm sorry to read you're so down lately Simone. I'm sure the weather has a lot to do with it...Spring WILL come!In the meantime, what alwasy helps me is keeping myself busy with something creative, like cooking or sewing.

Lisa said...

Walking barefoot in the grass would be a real treat wouldn't it. I'm glad we don't have the snow so much of the country is having.
Beautiful rose.
Lisa x