Thursday, 18 April 2013


I  feel a little overwhelmed this week.  I thought we were going through a period of calm after the storm.  The garden is definitely getting greener and there are signs of life amongst the shrubs and in the trees.  I have been feeling anxious though and as soon as I thought we were entering a period of calm weather, the wind whips up and the temperature drops once again.

Last week I re-opened my etsy shop . I have opened a Facebook account and posted links to the shop from there too but have received little response.  I also have a Twitter account but rarely receive any responses on there either.  So far there has been very little traffic and as of a couple of minutes ago there has been no shop views at all today.  I have been advised that it takes at least 100 shop views to generate 1 sale, so I am way off the mark at reaching my target! It is very disheartening.  I also know that whenever I mention 'my shop' on here many people do not respond to the post which is why I am reluctant to even mention it.  I find self promotion very difficult but it is a necessary 'evil' when trying to generate interest in the things I make and sell.  I have confidence in my products but lack potential customers. 

The World events this week have left me feeling very unsettled but as the astrologer Barbara Goldsmith says, 'sometimes we need to be shaken up in order to feel alive again'.  In the grander scheme of things, my shop and my ego are not that important.

*Unfortunately with this 'dynamic' view on Blogger I can't seem able to put any buttons that take you directly to my etsy shop but if you click on the words etsy shop on my posts you will be taken directly to my page.  I hope this helps!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Don't feel down over the shop Simone, somedays I have no views either and I have had a few discount sales in my shop since the new year with little or no response! Try joining some teams on Etsy and use them to promote yourself that sometimes generates interest. Etsy is a big place and it is hard to get noticed there.
As for Facebook, visit other pages but make sure you do so as 'Linden Grove', if you 'like' them make sure you leave a message telling them you have done so. When you see something you like on Facebook make sure you 'like' it, traffic will soon come back to you. Personally I really like FB , I have had more response to my rabbits there than anywhere else.
What is your user name on Twitter, I'll pop over and follow you, use your Twitter to promote your shop too!
As for world events, sad and tragic as they are you must continue on and try to live your life because all these things are very sadly out of our control.
V xxx

Rose Fern said...

I totally agree with greenrabbitdesigns, Simone...Don't get disheartened. I think it's too early.I'm sure you'll get more traffic, you just need to be patient and find out other ways to promote it more...

greenthumb said...

That's a shame, I would like to try something all but it seam all to hard.

Rosie said...

I think these high winds affect us in an adverse way and sap our spirits. I'm sorry you are feeling disheartened about sales in your shop. I'm sure as soon as the weather improves and people feel more happy and confident things will pick up for you. It is a bad year for everyone to have confidence in spending and I think we all tend to put off purchases until we feel more confident in the future. Take carex

Toffeeapple said...

I find Etsy rather clunky Simone, especially as you don't have a specific link to it on your blog. Other bloggers seem to have links on sidebars or buttons to get straight there. I'm sure things will start to look up, especially if you follow Green Rabbit's advice on promoting yourself.

rusty duck said...

It is too early to make a judgement Simone, these things take time to establish. And people need to find you. Let it run for a few weeks, and Facebook and Twitter too. Then review it and see how you feel about it then.

Anne said...

Hang in there, Simone. It will take a while. One thing that will help would be to stock your shop a bit more. Try to list one thing each day or a couple things a week. I don't think that my blog or Facebook have actually ever lead to sales in my Etsy shop, but they should all compliment one another. If one (or more) of those social media outlets don't feel right for you, then don't do them.

Early spring is full of ups and downs and I know that those downs can sure be disheartening (we had snow yesterday morning!), but they won't last.

Judy Hartman said...

Hi Simone,
Don't worry about promoting your etsy shop on your blog - many people do it. I was out of the loop last week because of a health issue, so, you see, sometimes people don't leave comments for completely unrelated reasons, not having anything to do with your mentioning your shop.
I have thought about opening such a shop many times, but imagine my work lolling about, unsold and provoking no interest!! Such self confidence!! Ha ha!!
I will pop over to your shop - I know your work is beautiful and look forward to seeing what you have there!!
I sent you a 'friend' request on FB. Did you get it?
Hope your weather improves! Love that photo of Gizmo!!
Take care! xxx

Amanda Graham said...

Don't be too disheartened. Take advice from everyone and then still go with it. At the end of the day you make things because you want to and it makes you happy to do so- if no one takes any notice at first, then keep on plodding and soon others will see that your lovely things will make them happy too!

Ann said...

You're right Simone - it is really disheartening when you post something and get little or no reaction. But I have to say I've noticed some absolutely brilliant artists and crafters in blogland who never get much of a reaction to their creations. I've not gone down the Etsy road - its too huge, and I'm thinking of closing my Folksy shop as I just never have the time to promote it and stock it properly. I think I'm going to stick to 3 or 4 good craft fairs a year and hopefully do them well.

Love your gorgeous cat picture!