Friday, 26 July 2013

Staying Safe

It has been a hectic month starting out with the buying and preparation for my gardening course. Two requirements of the course were safety boots and a tetanus injection.  I bought the boots but didn't get around to booking an appointment for the tetanus jab.

I got through the course without any major mishaps and thought they were over zealous with their safety measures until today!  I was taking my son's bike out of the shed and wearing flip flops at the time.  A mallet came crashing down from a worktop as I wrestled to get the bike through the door.  It narrowly missed my foot and I thought that it may have been a good idea to have had my safety boots on.

This afternoon as I looked through the window to the garden  I caught Gizmo staking out a rodent on the grass.  I ran outside to rescue the creature and it ran and hid under a shrub.  Gizmo continued to be fascinated and wouldn't let it be.  I stuck my hand inside the shrub to retrieve the animal and as I did so - it bit me!!!  I was so scared as blood had been drawn.  I ran inside the house crying whilst running the hot tap water over the wound.  Terror ran through me as I realised that the 'rodent' was in face a brown baby rat!  I went to see the pharmacist and he told me to get to the GP or A & E as quickly as possible and have a tetanus injection.  Lesson learnt from this experience? Do things sooner rather than later.


  1. Good grief, Simone, what a scare!! I sincerely hope you are OK!! That little fellow didn't realize that you were trying to rescue him! Glad you got your tetanus shot, finally. xx

  2. Glad you are ok Simone! It always pays to wear sturdy shoes in the garden, I once pronged a wellie with a garden fork and hurt my toe also once tried to mow the lawn in mules one of which came off causing me to cut the cable on the mower - could have been worse! Also to keep up the tetanus jabs too as you never know what's lurking. Poor little baby rat would have been terrified of both you and Gizmo - yes do stay safe:)

  3. Good grief Simone, my rescues this week only involved frogs! The last time I got my tetanus was when I rescued a hedgehog from a drain, my hands were covered in little prickle wounds. I am glad though you got your jab in the end!! I think all rescuers should have their tetanus vaccination!
    Safe weekend,
    V xxx

  4. Hope your ok now, what a fright it all must have been.

  5. Oh dear! I do hope that you are well.

  6. Oh how scary Simone! Looks like you really were meant to get your tetanus jab one way or another! Hope you are having a happy and relaxing weekend after that! Take care.
    Helen x


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