Wednesday, 14 August 2013


When life gets you down, indulge in a large bowl of New England salt water taffy.  It doesn't make your problems disappear but it does make you feel a whole lot better if only momentarily.

I had planned to write quite a cynical and negative post today.  Usually I write straight onto the blog but today I wrote into a word document with the idea of copying and pasting it over.  Well, the computer crashed and I lost everything.  Negative thoughts acknowledged and lost to the ether.  A good job really as I don't really want to alienate the few visitors I have left!

Suffice to say that the post was going to be about volunteering and how I seem to have done a turnaround in my attitude to the whole volunteering industry.  I will just leave it at that.  For now.


  1. Maybe writing out your thoughts first is the answer! Although you don't say whether you still feel the same about volunteering? I enjoy my weekly visits to an elderly lady who is partially sighted and I find that I get as much out of volunteering to visit her as she says she does out of my visits so it's a win win situation. Perhaps volunteering in some other capacity might suit you better? Don't eat too much of the taffy though or you may have a different problem to contend with!!

  2. I have never had New England salt water taffy, it does look good and obviously just the distraction you need today Simone. They say a little of what you fancy does you good!
    V xxx

  3. I tried to make that once - never again!

  4. I've never seen or heard of salt water taffy before! Sometimes writing things down does help to get those niggles out of your system, I hate it when things get lost in the ether especially when I'm commenting on a blog and it gets lost which happens occasionally:)

  5. I have never tried saltwater taffy but I would certainly like to! It looks lovely in your photo. Writing your feelings down is a good way to feel better if you are stressed.....maybe do it more?? Hope you have a happy week, Simone.
    Helen x

  6. Saltwater Taffy is something I always buy lots of when I visit New England - I'm hoping they sell it in the Southern States as well so I can stock up when I go in November:)


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