Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I have certainly lost my sparkle over the last week since catching a cold.  In the early stages I thought I would do some gentle crafting and I looked for sparkle among my crystals and gemstones. 

Looking ahead to the party season I thought I would have a go at making some dangly earrings using glass beads and antique copper findings.  It was tricky cutting the tiny chain links to the desired length especially as my eyes were constantly watering!

I have not done any more jewellery making since the end of last week.  I have gone on a 'go slow'.  Everything requires effort; even getting showered and dressed in the morning.

I'm not sure if I am going to make any more earrings like those above.  I don't know if I should concentrate on using real gemstones as they seemed to sell well in my etsy shop.

Well. I am off for a lie down now.  I hope to be back properly in the blogging World very soon.


  1. Well you may have lost your sparkle but those ear-rings have certainly not lost theirs. They are beautiful. I am sure they will sell well too. Hope you will soon be back on form and sparkling like your jewellery.

  2. They're very pretty Simone! :)
    Just relax and take care of yourself, viruses can be very draining so just do what your body dictates!
    V xxx

  3. Sounds as if the cold has laid you low for a while, Simone. Take care of yourself and get well soon:)

  4. Love the sparkle...wish I had pierced ears..I am sure they will sell well. viv x

  5. You have made some very pretty and sparkly earrings, Simone! I am sorry you have been unwell and hope you feel much better soon.
    Have lots of rest and take care.
    Helen x

  6. These are so pretty, Simone! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope that you're back to your sparkly self soon!! xx


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