Monday, 11 November 2013


I took this 'selfie' back in March when I turned fifty.  In my early blog days I always said to myself that I wouldn't put my picture on my blog but I have so few photos of when I am smiling I thought it good to record the moment for posterity.  (I think I posted another smiley one back in June).

This year has not been good for me on a personal level.  I have had to face so many disappointments and have been let down badly on several occasions.  Such is life.

When I attended the Women in Business course a while back I met a woman who took an interest in the things that I made (I had taken a few samples along).  She said she was blown away by my work and said that she knew a whole lot of 'creatives' that she would like to introduce me to.  She said that she had a studio space where she did photography and she had artists who worked either side of her.  Her proposal was to have me go along to the studio and brainstorm with her things we could make to be sold on her website.  She also wanted some work done in the studio a couple of days a week that she would pay me for. I thought it sounded like a wonderful opportunity and contacted her the next morning.

We exchanged emails over a couple of weeks.  She kept changing the dates and forgetting to give me the address of the studio.  Since my last communication she hasn't contacted me since.  I am wondering if the 'studio' was something she had dreamt up.

,,,,,,,,,,,and this is how the cycle goes.  People big up what I am doing and then run a mile or leave me in limbo.  I don't think I can take any more knock backs.  I am sick and tired of feeling used and of people thinking that it is OK to waste my time.  I think it is time I toughened up.  I refuse to be a doormat.


KC'sCourt! said...

You look so pretty.
I am sure we live on parallel lines you know. That has happened to me too. Several times over the years in fact. Last time when I got involved with someone last year and the goal posts kept getting moved. After that for a long time I felt I couldn't do anything, I felt I wasting not only my time but everyone else too so I decided I would do my own thing, in my own time. I decided I didn't have anyone to answer to, I'm not at work and not at school. It took me ages to get over what had happened last year, and it took me ages to get to where I want to be now. So I have decided it is going to be just me from now on.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Selfsewn said...

YES take charge Simone!
ps. are you sure you dont mean 40 xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely photo Simone, you certainly don't look your age, that's for sure!
Don't allow yourself to be messed about, I know that it's hard when you're a lovely person but you do need to toughen up!
V xxx

marigold jam said...

I agree with the earlier comments. You are talented and can do it but you must be in charge of your life not anyone else! Sometimes knockbacks make us stronger so maybe it's all for a reason and I hope you will now go forward doing whatever it is you want to do. You certainly don't look 50 and you don't look at all as I had imagined either.

Judy Hartman said...

Simone!!!! I love this photo of you - you have a beautiful smile!!!
This lady probably exaggerated her studio and now is embarrassed about it. Yes, we must toughen up (I've been working on that for years) but don't lose your sense of excitement and wonder.
I would say you look about 35, my dear!! xx

Rosie said...

Sounds like this lady was exagerating her capabilities. Keep going Simone and don't let people with false promises get you down. That is a lovely photo and you certainly don't look anywhere near 50:)

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hi Simone what a lovely photo and like everyone else before me I am astounded that you say you are 50 - what is your secret? - you could sell that!!
If you want to sell things you would be better approaching a craft / gift shop who sell similar things to what you are making and offer sale or return. I would beware of people like the lady you met - you don't need her to sell your things you can do it yourself. I have just ordered your fairies I am sure my daughters are going to be delighted.x

Toffeeapple said...

I have had similar experiences and, because I am a trusting soul, kept waiting for things to happen. They never did. Be your own master, I am certain that you can.

It is so nice to see a smiley picture of you!

Karen L R said...

You look like a kid, Simone! Such a fresh and lovely face.

What a bummer about the woman with empty promises. She definitely turned out to be a time waster. Nobody needs those in their lives! Bravo you for pulling in the doormat.


sharon said...

You have beautiful skin, Simone. And clear, bright eyes. A lovely self portrait caught on a big day.
People can be selfish and hurtful. Sounds like you ran into one of those. But I'm optimistic that it's just a handful of folks. My wish for you is that you don't run into any more of those kind. So depleting!
Sending you hugs to fill your heart and brush away the nasty feelings of being used. Think of all of us who love and admire you and don't ask anything from you but friendship.