Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sparkle and Shine

At this time of year I do like to add a bit of fun and sparkle to my jewellery.   I made the orange bracelet above to match perfectly with an orange and black outfit I am wearing to a Christmas lunch next week.  Whilst on a roll I made a purple and a white one too!  These photos-taken in a poor winter light-really do not do justice to the sparkle on these pretty beads.

Now, I am most pleased with these mother of pearl shell button earrings.  They are so light to wear and just a little more unusual than the plastic button earrings that are sometimes found.  They catch the light beautifully from across the room and dare I say it - across a candle lit table for two!


  1. Your bracelets are beautiful and I really like the earrings. The buttons are a lovely colour. If I wore jewellery these earring would be just my thing, simple but very pretty.

  2. Lovely things. Hope the candle lit table for two materialises and am sure the ear rings will look great.

  3. Your new jewellery is very pretty
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Lovely jewellery Simone, you certainly are being very productive. Enjoy your lunch next week, you're definitely going to sparkle! :)
    V xxx

  5. You always produce such pretty things and dare I say, the candle lit dinner went well? Since you knew how it caught the light beforehand. C'mon spill the beans.

  6. Just caught up with your recent posts, you have been busy. Love the sparkly bracelets, perfect for a bit of festive glitz!
    Enjoy your meal out when you go.
    Lisa x

  7. You've made some very pretty things, Simone. I hope you enjoy wearing your bracelet at the Christmas lunch and the earings too across that candlelit table:)

  8. Lovely sparkly jewellery, Simone. Very pretty and perfect for the festive season. Enjoy your special lunch next week!
    Helen x


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