Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Country Wisdom

It seems that wherever we are in the World we share weather related problems: drought, snow, freezing temperatures, hurricanes and rain and rain and rain.......................especially rain if you are in the UK right now.

Many people find January a difficult month and I think it is more so when the weather outside is frightful as in the words of a famous song.  Anyway, looking through my diary of county wisdom and folklore is a Welsh saying that sums up how I feel about the month so far:

'The month of January, the valley is smokey, the cup-bearer weary, the wandering bard distressed, the raven thin, the hum of bees rare, the byre is empty and the kiln is cold'

It is only hope for better things to come that keep me moving forward.  How do you cope with the January blues?


  1. Well I don't get January blues as I love a new year and the hope that it brings but I do keep myself busy by spring-cleaning.
    V xxx

  2. I'm busy doing a clear out now whilst I can't get outside much so that when the better weather arrives as I am sure/hope it must I won't have to stay indoors and do it then. I've got the new nest syndrome and am on a roll so can't stop!!

  3. I just hope after all this wet cold weather we get a summer like last year even if it was late in coming!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Happy New Year Simone! January is full of newness so I think that carries me through. Also knowing that we are moving away from the Winter Solstice and towards long summer days, slowly and surely. The best thing is having my youngest daughter's birthday end of January and my son's mid-February to look forward to and then... spring is on it's way with snowdrops.


  5. Keeping busy is definitely the answer.
    Although with buds starting to swell I'm kidding myself Spring is almost here. November is a far more depressing month!

  6. I feel for all the people who are struggling with this awful weather - we aren't so affected by it here yet. January so far hasn't felt depressing as such, more frustrating that we can't get out walking so much in this wind and rain. One of my hopes for January was to 'eat less and move more' but the moving more bit just isn't happening in this weather:)

  7. Eat really delicious food and do lots of purging and decluttering indoors! Beats sitting in traffic jams as all the rivers round us are in flood and so many roads are shut that it is carnage out there.

  8. I concur with Ali.

    As a Welsh woman, I have to say that I have never heard that saying...


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