Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Flower Focus after Frustration

It has been another frustrating day.  I decided that this was the day I would start making jewellery again. After the success of the shortbread  I thought that I had got my creative streak back again. Well, I couldn't even make a stretchy bracelet.  Either the elastic was too big or the drill holes too small.  The gemstone nuggets didn't sit 'nicely', some gems were cracked or had sharp edges and that really will not do.  I have played around with beading thread, wire, findings, cord thread and various types of beads and all I am left with is a giant mess on the dining room table.

I am putting myself under pressure because at the moment I see making things from home as the only way of generating extra income. I have already missed the opportunity to make things for Valentine's Day and at this rate the spring will be over too.  To be honest I feel as though I am in a blind panic as yet again time is running away with me. 

Last week I contacted a courtyard cafe to find out if they had any job opportunities.  I saw myself either helping out in the kitchen or generally clearing up as I have no experience of working in the hospitality industry.  I was stunned when I received an email to say that they were looking for staff and would I like to go in for a chat.  I turned up ahead of time on the day to be told that the woman I was meeting was unable to come as her young boy was sick.  These things happen so I was happy to meet her 'deputy' who informed me that the only opportunity they had was for weekend work only.  She was unable to tell me the hours of work or the rate of pay so it really was a wasted journey.

So, instead of being mucked around by people, twice in the last few months, I feel I really must get my act together and get making and working for myself.  At the moment, it is not an option.  It is a necessity.


  1. Good attitude Simone.
    Some days are just bad craft days.
    Treat the annoyance as a learning experience x

  2. The craft mojo is an elusive beast isn't it? Not very professional of the woman at the cafe not to let you know she couldn't see you as arranged. Sadly in the current climate it seems that employers seem to think they can do just as they please as there are more job-seekers than jobs available. Do hope you will find something soon.

  3. Well I certainly like your attitude at the end of your post Simone, just keep that determination!!
    V xxx

  4. For every good craft day I will have 2 or 3 non-productive ones and wonder why I bother! Just keep in there you certainly have a talent and tomorrows another day of opportunity. x

  5. Some days my brain just will not get into the right gear for crafting, so I just sit and knit!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Some days can be really frustrating can't they? Days when you feel 'all fingers and thumbs' as my Mum used to say. Hope you feel more productive today:)

  7. Simone, I hope you are feeling a bit better. It's hard when frustrations pile up like that. Time is not running away, even if it seems like it sometimes!

    Take a moment to slow down and know that better days are just around the corner. There's beauty everywhere, like this flower you've shared here. Focus on that and don't let other people's rudeness or insensitivity get to you.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  8. Having had my hours cut in October to just one day a week I've been really trying to get organised but life doesn't help does it. I really admire some of the local (and not so local) crafters I follow who always manage to be one step ahead and have stock ready for every occasion such as Valentines - we've got St Dwynwen here in Wales this weekend and I haven't managed to get my act together to get anything to two lovely people who have given me the chance to sell at their venues! Nothing ever changes I'm afraid!!!


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