Thursday, 23 January 2014

Soothing Aquamarine

Strange as it may seem, I like to have a connection to the things that I make and do.  Aquamarine is my birthstone.  The stone for March.  I do feel an affinity with the gemstone and am soothed just by soaking up the delicate milky hue of the stone.

The aquamarine teardrops or pears (I see them as teardrops)  are interspersed with silver tone seed beads, tiny moonstone rounds and crystal bi cones.

Do you know what your birthstone is and do you like it?


  1. That's beautiful too Simone. My birthstone is emerald so not much hope of me having any! And no I am not that keen on it which is as I said just as well. I prefer turquoise or moonstones or something less precious and perhaps more subtle - lees is more as I said in my last post!!

  2. That is a gentle and soothing colour for a gem stone and it is good that you have an affinity with it. I don't like the colour of my birthstone at all - yours is lovely:)

  3. It's beautiful Simone, I love aquamarines too!
    I'm a September birthday and my birthstone is a sapphire, which I love.
    V xxx

  4. I love that, Simone - will it go in your Etsy shop? Abby x

  5. Hi Abby. It will probably go into my etsy shop. I just have to make a few more things first and put them in all in one fell swoop! x

  6. My dear Simone, I just saw a message you sent me last November wondering were I was...I've taken a break from blogging- not on purpose- it just happened.I haven't been in the best of mood these months, plus I've been working on the computer much too many hours, so I just couldn't spend even more time blogging. I just hope that I'll get in the mood for it soon...I'm sending you my love!

  7. That necklace is gorgeous. My birthstone is the 'girls best friend' a diamond!
    Julie xxxxxxx


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