Monday, 10 March 2014

Bead and Wire Crocheted Necklace Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who took the time to help me decide on what to make next.  The necklace received the majority of votes (4) and then the spring fairy (3), with the OOAK art doll, soap and cat toy receiving 2 votes each.  The earrings didn't receive any votes at all!

It was a challenge making the necklace as I have never crocheted a wire necklace (or any kind of necklace) before!  I had fun choosing the 'beads' and settled on green Russian Amazonite chips and tiny white freshwater pearls.  I crocheted them onto fine silver coloured copper wire.

The necklace is quite short and lies up high on the neck, much higher than the impression given on the bust above.  It is very delicate and pretty and I am sure would flatter anybody.  It is fastened with a silver coloured rope designed toggle clasp.

 Jewellery is notoriously difficult to photograph especially when you just have a shoot and point camera and don't use any special effects.  I really must brush up on my photography skills (something else to add to the 'to do' list.)

If you would like the chance to win this necklace then please leave a comment below indicating why you would like to win it.  Now, when I have done giveaways before I have not asked for anything in return.  On this occasion, I just request that you help to promote my etsy shop either on your blog or Facebook or via Twitter or by any other means you can think of!  It is very hard to get seen on etsy, much like being a needle in a haystack and on most days I have no visits at all and have to resort to Twitter just to try and direct some traffic to my store.

Going back to the suggestions on my previous post, I am going to work my way through the list and make ALL of the items starting with the fairies and then the art doll, soap and cat toy and I may even make a pair of earrings!  Thanks to all that participated. x


KC'sCourt! said...

That necklace is exquisite. Oh how I would love to wear that at my son's wedding.
I have linked your shop with my facebook
Julie xxxxxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's a beautiful necklace Simone, it would be perfect for summer and will look gorgeous against white!
It is very hard to get noticed on Etsy, to be honest people only go to my shop when they know the rabbits are going to be there, in between times I don't get many visits either. Have you tried joining some of the groups, they usually have threads were you can post your new listings etc!
I'm off now to put a tweet out about your shop!
V xxx

greenthumb said...

It's a lovely looking necklace, you have done a great job.

Rosie said...

Your necklance is so pretty, Simone - you are a very talented lady and all your crafts are lovely:)

sharon said...

I have long been drawn to crocheted wire, never had the courage to try it myself, and must say yours is one of the finest examples I've seen. I am thrilled for you with this necklace, Simone. It is very beautifully planned and fashioned. Perfect bead choices, too.
I think perhaps this should be explored a bit more, yes??

Anne Butera said...

Hi, Simone! Catching up on my blog reading today and I see that you have had an eventful time since my last visit! I am so glad that you got your boiler working again.

I think that the botanical bleed on your soaps looks very natural, although I do understand wanting to have the soaps look "pretty".

As for pretty... your necklace is lovely! I hope you plan on making more.

I was thinking about something you could try for those times that you can't think what to work on. Write down all of your ideas on small scraps of paper. Fold up the paper scraps and keep them in a pretty box or jar or bowl. Then, when you're having trouble deciding simply pull a paper out of the box/jar/bowl.

I hope you're having a wonderful week. And happy belated blogiversary!!

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Hi Simone I am having difficulty leaving comments at the moment through Wordpress and not sure if you are receiving any from me. So I am just having yet another go. Just delete any other attempts! Your necklace is gorgeous and a beautiful colour it would match my evening dress perfectly. I will advertise your Etsy shop on my blog whether I win or not.

Pearl said...

Wow! The necklace seems to be floating. I would love to wear such a pretty and delicate necklace. The blue-green colour is a wonderful choice and makes each bead stand out. The pearls give a nice underwater-look to it.

Copper said...

A very pretty and delicate necklace. I would love to have it as it seems to be one of the only necklaces that look good on me.