Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Garden View No.5

Not so much of a 'view' with this one.  This is a dilapidated area that became a dumping ground for the garden. Large tree limbs that fell in the high winds lay across the patio waiting to be sawn and recycled.  Neglected potted plants await their fate - yet to be decided.  This is an 'after' version but there is still much to be done.  The door leads into a brick built shed that was here when we moved in.  To the right is the back of the garden and to the left is the out-of-sight greenhouse.  It is a nice little private area and I envisage having my breakfast here on summer mornings and a chilled glass of wine by night.  This area has much potential and I am going to work on it steadily throughout the coming months.


  1. Oh yes Simone, lots of potential, that little she'd is lovely, how about a summer house! :)
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter,
    V xxx

  2. Hello Simone,

    Found your blog earlier this week, it is lovely. That shady spot in the garden will be a lovely place to sit and read and enjoy a cuppa.

    Happy days.

  3. Looks like you could make it into a very pretty area.

  4. That is a lovely area, Simone with such a lot of potential - you will enjoy making something special of it and sitting out there in the summer:)

  5. What a gorgeous little quiet place to sit and ponder.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. What a lovely spot to sit.... the problem is time to sit in a garden! :) It will be very enjoyable to make this little space your own Simone - a perfect spot for crocheting if it were mine.

  7. That could become such a lovely little spot to sit and reflect and watch the seasons come and go.
    Lisa x

  8. I wish I had an area like that, you are so lucky.

  9. How lovely, it looks like the perfect spot to sit and have some peace and quiet in private while enjoying a cup of tea.


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