Friday, 25 April 2014

Chillax like a Cat

I really need to take a look at Gizmo to show me how to relax and not worry about things.  Cats don't have worry lines do they?  The past four days have been consumed with a migraine down the right side of my head from my temple to my shoulder.  Now it is just my eye that is affected and it is painful all around the socket.  There is so much I want to get on with but feel as if my life is on hold yet again whilst I have niggling and incapacitating health concerns.

On Wednesday I went to the vineyard thinking that being in the fresh air and keeping busy would take my mind off my migraine.  The task was mattocking (a mattock is a hand tool with a long handle for digging and chopping) to remove nettles and dock leaves.  The motion of bending forward performing a repetitive task actually made me feel worse.  I left the session early and had a slow, long walk home. 

I am not sure what to do with my day yet.  The weather is cold and rainy so I won't be venturing into the garden.  I may just potter about the house and chillax like Gizmo and try not to feel guilty or as though I am being lazy.  I really would like to do some crafting but perhaps it is a day for planning rather than actually doing.


  1. It must be migraine season, my husband has had two this week
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Simone, I suffered for years with migraine, until I tried a course of acpuncture. I remember how debilitating it was, how I would lose days at a time because of the pain and the disturbance in vision. I wish you well my dear.

  3. I've come out in sympathy with you this week as I've had a muzzy head and neck and shoulder pain for the last few days. If I were you I would just take a leaf out of Gizmo's book and curl up and snooze until you feel better - take care:)

  4. Don't torture yourself about not doing anything Simone, listen to your body, it's saying slow down and chill, it wants a rest!
    Be exactly like Gizmo!
    Hope you feel better over the weekend,
    V xxx

  5. A migraine is so debilitating, Simone. I think you just need to rest until it clears! I hope you feel better very soon, and in the meantime take a leaf out of Gizmo's book, and relax as much as possible. He is such a beautiful cat, isn't he?!
    Helen xox

  6. With a migraine, I think chillaxing is just the ticket, Simone. Hope that, by the time you read this, your migraine is gone and you and Gizmo are cuddling up with a good book! xxx

  7. Oh dear... a drain, a pain, a migraine. My daughter's are brought on by stress and citrus, hope yours isn't triggered by poetry! Take care xx

  8. I'm sorry to read you have been feeling so wretched Simone. I hope that the migraine has now well and truly gone and you can get doing what you want.
    Lisa x

  9. Ugh, migraines are the worst. I can't imagine bending over like that with a pounding head. But at least you got some fresh air.

    I hope you are fully recovered and on to feeling good again.


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