Thursday, 1 May 2014


It doesn't feel much like Beltaine today as it is cold, wet and miserable.  However I thought I would get into the spirit of things by lighting a tea light under my Beltaine soy wax melt.  A fragrance described as offering wild bluebell, jasmine, freesia, orange blossom and gardenia with a touch of peach, warming clove bud, lush green leaves, sensual white musk and amber.  I may be feeling low but the house smells divine!

The garden has taken centre stage recently and little house work has been done.  As I look out of the window and see dozens of snails ready to ravage my plants, I wonder if it has all been in vain?  On the up side there is still time to sow more seeds and grow more plants.

Blogland has been very quiet recently and I am not getting the same buzz from as it as I used to do.  The whole point of blogging for me was the friendly interaction from like minded folk but they seem to have all but disappeared apart from my constant faithfuls whom without I would cease to blog!

Back in March I decided to do a giveaway.  I then postponed the giveaway due to unforeseen circumstances which led to the necklace being sold.  The reason I have not reinstated the giveaway just yet is I have no idea what to give away!  I am unable to replicate the necklace as it was a one off.  I have been scratching my head but am at a loss as what to make.  My creativity has packed itself up and gone for a holiday so it seems.  Any ideas what I can do, make for the giveaway?

Well, I have a whole day ahead of me so I think it is about time that I got up out of this chair and get moving!

Happy May day! x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

The weather here is pretty grim today too, the first miserable day in a while, you get very used to sunshine and I have to say I'm quite offended that it hasn't turned up today!
Don't let the snails put you off, I would have given up long ago otherwise. Something is shredding my aquilegias, whatever it is isn't even eating them it just leaves bits of them everywhere. That's the thing with gardening you just have to keep at it.
As for the giveaway, firstly it's great that your necklace sold and as for ideas, I think your little fairies are a great idea.
V xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Its raining here! As for the snails I have taken to growing in pots, not just flowers but veg too!

The necklace was absolutely beautiful, make something similar in a different colour
Julie xxxxxxxxx

rusty duck said...

I know I've been commenting (and posting) less, it's just a very busy time of year. I'm about to take a short break to catch up. Not disappearing though!
According to the weather forecast high pressure is returning, the sun will be back out soon.

Helen Philipps said...

It's been raining here today too! I will be keeping a sharp lookout for the snails and slugs later here too, they will be after my newly planted sweet peas!
All the things you make are lovely, Simone. I should wait a few days to decide what to make for a giveaway and then something will pop into your head! (At least this is what happens to me!)
Hope you feel cheery again soon and the sun comes out for you.
Helen xox

sharon said...

I love the windows into your world, Simone. So post when you feel like it and don't worry if there are days when you don't.
Thanks for the reminder of Beltaine. I hate being so busy that I don't remember the delights of life and I am so very glad to have a friend like you to remind me.

Rosie said...

It was a disappointing 1st of May - so cold and damp and as we travelled home very misty too. Things do seem quiet in blogland at the moment, don't they?:)

Ethel Johnson said...

It seems that my poetry has gone on holiday with your creativity, I bet they're having fun. Never had a give away...scared no one will play! I'd love a button buddy. I gaze at pinterest when I'm out of ideas. xx

Lisa said...

All those different fragrances sound an amazing blend.
All great artists have creative blocks from time to time I have no doubt that inspiration will strike. How about something snail shaped!
Lisa x

Judy Hartman said...

I'm afraid I am one of those blogger friends who has disappeared from sight a bit!! Sorry, Simone, but I am not giving up and hope you won't either!! I would miss you so much if you should leave the 'blogosphere'!!! xxx