Monday, 12 May 2014

Summer Sprites

Summer sprites can be found
On sunny days, on the ground
In the leaves, among the flowers
They play away the sunshine hours

I got my crafting mojo back and made some summery sprite decorations.  They are similar to my grumpy fairies but without the wand and without the grumps!

I am on tenterhooks at the moment as my son starts his GCSE Examinations today.  He has got 18 exams over the next month.  I have been waking early with a dry mouth and a pounding heart!  I have so much empathy for him anyone would think it is me sitting the exams!  He is not 16 until August and I feel there is so much pressure on him at such a tender age.

For the next few weeks I know that I am going to be on an emotional roller coaster ride so my posts may be rather erratic or just plain weird! 

Right, I'd best get back to the crafting now.  It makes a rather nice diversion. :)


KC'sCourt! said...

Just do what I did (I had three boys!) Make arrangements to meet friends for coffee or lunch, and keep crafting
Julie xxxxxxx

Simone said...

Hi Julie! Unfortunately I don't have anyone I can meet up with so I will just have to keep busy by myself!

Judy Hartman said...

oh my goodness, so much pressure on your son! Love your garden sprite, Simone! So sweet and colorful! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe best wishes to your boy, he will be fine!!! I do know what you're going through though, I remember the feelings well. From when my son started his GCSE's until my daughter completed her 'A' levels we had 6 years of exams but we got through those years, they did well and so will you and your son!
Loving those little sprites! :)
V xxx