Monday, 23 June 2014

A Cat with Attitude

I was going to put up a cute picture of Gizmo but thought I would show you his dark side instead!  If looks could kill surely I would be dead? 

He was most disgruntled that I found his new 'hiding' place between some plastic netting and a disused bench.   'You looking at me?'


  1. ..........How dare you take a photo of me........
    He is so lovely
    Julie xxxxx

  2. It is still good to see Gizmo again though.

  3. Gizmo is definitely a joy in June, in all his attitudes. Good to see him on your blog again, Simone.
    Mya and Dovey send their regards.

  4. Cats have certainly mastered the art of the withering stare - especially when they get disturbed in their secret places:)

  5. I have an equally curmudgeonly photo of Angus I'll have to send you, Simone!!! Awww, Gizmo is handsome, regardless of his expression!! xx

  6. Oh Ginger Tom
    You look so cross
    Sulking because
    Your not the boss?


  7. Nw he'll have to find another private place to snooze as this one is no longer secret!

  8. That is a very sour puss look he has on there!
    Lisa x


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