Sunday, 1 June 2014

Joy in June - Strawberries

Anne from My Giant Strawberry is hosting Joy in June where we have the opportunity to focus on things to give gratitude to and to share what is bringing us joy..

Talking of giant strawberries - my first sun ripened one is giving me joy today.


  1. Lovely! :) I've lots of green strawberries but no ripe ones yet!
    V xxx

  2. Lovely, Simone!! Can't wait to see how you use your strawberries when your crop fully comes in! So glad you are part of Anne's June celebration, as I am! xx

  3. Good going Simone, only flowers here!

  4. Nothing tates quite as good as the first strawberry from the garden! Our strawberries are still looking like the ones top left of your photo:)

  5. Dear Strawberry, so sweet,
    Beware the sluggish force.
    They pinch your juicy flesh
    And leave a slimy sauce.


  6. What a beautiful sight.....I do love to see the first homegrown strawberries appearing!
    Happy week, Simone.
    Helen xox

  7. Home grown Strawberries - nothing nicer!
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. So glad you're joining in Simone! Here's to a very joyful June!

    I hope you got to eat that strawberry! Mine got snatched by a sneaky little thief (I think it was a bird). I won't leave the next one to "ripen just a little bit more". I'd rather lose a few strawberries and have birds in my garden than the other way around.


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