Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Craft Fair Panic

Despite having a rotten cold that shows no sign of diminishing, I have systematically been making things for the impending craft fair.  I am now getting in a state of panic as what I have made at the moment doesn't even fill a shoe box!

I shall probably add some cat toys and key rings but am struggling with making larger items.  Any ideas?


  1. When is the fair? Don't panic (Mr Mannering)
    Lay things out onto a space of the same dimensions as in the fair or use your kitchen table and display them as you want them to be and add ballast like a vase of flowers and a display box you will be surprise how much space you do actually have. I found having one large item helps too. And don't forget a tablecloth. I use an old plain curtain with an embroidered cloth.
    Julie xxxx

  2. Cushions take up plenty of room and are quick and simple to make or bags maybe or could you get somebody to share the table with you maybe? Or is that not allowed. Don't panic nor give up you still have lots of time.

  3. Don't panic and I wouldn't worry too much about big things in my experience it's the smaller items that sell the best.
    I agree with the above commenter, a vase of flowers and maybe a a bowl of sweets can help fill your table and add a nice touch, use things like old crates etc as display stands.
    Just keep on doing what you're doing and for goodness sake don't panic!!! :)
    V x

  4. Also don't forget those posh expensive shops that have just one or two items in their windows - sometimes less is more if it's good quality and people can more easily see what you have to offer if the table isn't inundated with things.

  5. Yes I do agree with green rabbit designs people prefer good quality well made unusual items
    Julie xxxx

  6. Oh, Simone, your work for the craft fair is beautiful!!!
    I love everything!! You could go on Pinterest for more ideas - there is a link from my blog. I agree with the other comments - pillows (cushions) are fairly easy, and well made items will be appreciated. You could even look back on your own blog - you've made some lovely crafts in the past. And how about a piece or two of your artwork? Whatever you do, your talent always shines through, Simone. I think you are off to a great start!! xx

  7. All the thing you have made are pretty, what about table cloths and tea towels.

  8. Firstly, don't panic or you will stymie yourself - everyone above has given you good advice - use pretty boxes or baskets for display, a pretty jug of flowers or a twig tree to hang things on to give height and draw the eye and just make lots more of the same - I sometimes find that if there are too many things or if places are too cluttered I can't pick out things to look at. Keep going - you have plenty of time left to create more and take care of your health too:)

  9. Not a big item, but didn't you make some badges before?
    Lisa x

  10. My goodness, you've been busy,
    Crafting lots of stock.
    Now don't get in a tizzy,
    I think your buddies rock.

  11. Don't panic. Just keep going, slowly but surely. You will be fine!

    Make what you're moved to make. As for big items? I don't know. What about making buntings or garlands either with fabric and or paper?

    Have fun (isn't that the most important part??)

    I think you have a lovely selection of things already.

  12. Hello Simone,

    I agree with all the above comments. Can you add some potted plants to your stall? The little Sprites could hang of them.

    Happy days.

  13. no ideas but I LOVE your


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