Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I am trying very hard to remain positive just now.  My husband has been ill for almost five weeks and we are still no further in finding out what exactly is wrong with him.  I will spare you the details other than to say that each day is very traumatic for all of us.  I have had a cold for 16 days and today it has developed more into a cough.  I have felt like rubbish for ages and this is meant to be 'summer holiday' time.  looks like this is going to be another summer of staying home.  Another year of disappointment.

In addition to feeling wretched the garden did not live up to expectations this year either.  None of my Sarah Raven seeds germinated and virtually all of my vegetables and flowers have been ravaged either by caterpillars or slugs and snails. This is the price I have to pay for not using chemicals or pesticides in the garden. I have all but given up (whatever that means).

Now you can see why my posts have been taken up by crafting recently.  It is a diversion to the utter misery I am experiencing.

On the upside, Gizmo is in good health.  Each day he comes to me to be brushed.  Something he used to detest but has now taken a liking to. 

I don't think I have done a 'moany' post for a while for now so please forgive me on this one.  I felt like I had to let off steam today as this run of bad luck (in all areas of my life) seem to have been unrelenting for the past couple of years.  Enough is enough.


  1. Sorry to hear you are going through the Slough of Despond just now and hope that your husband's illness will soon be diagnosed and then treated. Your cold might be due to the problems and stress you are suffering at the moment - I know that I am always more likely to catch a cold which lingers when I am under one of my "grey blankets". I think everyone is having problems with their gardens this year as the wet weather followed by the warm sunny spell seems to suit all the things we'd prefer not to grow including all the slugs and snails. Do read the book A Slow Passion by Ruth Brooks to find a different view on snails I loved it! Could you plan an outing somewhere either with your husband or a friend? Being somewhere different often gives one a different point of view I find and at least for a few hours you might be able to leave your problems behind.

  2. Don't apologise Vent away!
    I grow things is pots and buy from the poundland shop! I cannot grow sweetpeas, sunflowers and lupins or the like because of the slugs and snails and anything else that ventures into my garden so I know how you feel on that front!
    Gizmo probably finds the brushing relaxes him, and pets know when you aren't right so he comes to you to cheer you up
    Hope you feel better soon, I had that cold at the beginning of the year, I thought it would never go!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Awe I'm sorry life is rubbish for you at the moment Simone. I do hope your husband feels better soon and that the doctors can sort the problem and make sure you get don't neglect that cough and get it seen to.
    I do know the battle with slugs and snails but don't give up on your garden either, it's therapy in itself!
    Take care,
    V x

  4. So sorry about your troubles, Simone. Do take care of yourself and continue with your crafts, if that cheers you up. I sincerely hope that your husband's illness is diagnosed and treated soon, and that your cold gets better quickly. xxx

  5. Despite the distance, I am holding you close, Simone.
    I don't have snails here in the American midwest but I do have enough other critters that make me what to use foul language. All the moles in the county seem to have taken up residence on my little bit of ground, or should I say, under my ground. SO sad in the morning to find flowers, fruits, vegetables knocked over or left to dry out because the moles have tunneled them up out of their snug soil.
    Wishing you and your husband better health in body and spirit soon. Knowing you have many friends who love you and are sending you their good energies may help you get through these long, difficult days.
    By the way, that is a beautiful photo.

  6. It is your blog, you post what ever you want. I am sorry you and your husband are not feeling well, I hope it is improving. As for the slugs and snails.....apparently it is a bad year for them...or should that be good for them, bad for us! Xxx

  7. I echo what others have said Simone and send you virtual hugs. (((S)))


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