Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Elusive Craft Fair

I am having a bit of a whinge today partly because I have a cold and feel like I have swallowed a packet of razor blades and also because my OH has a hacking cough that has kept us both awake at night for over a week.  I have continued to make cards - mainly 'get well' ones funnily enough, but my enjoyment is marred by the lack of an outlet to sell them.

I recently found out that there is monthly craft fair not too far from where I live and I thought this would be the ideal opportunity for me to showcase my wares.  I contacted the group but was told that 'unfortunately'  cards and jewellery are the two most popular items made and that the fair had filled up all places for these items.  I am not a two trick pony though and can turn my hand at making most things.  I have contacted them again enclosing a picture of one of my 'summer sprites' as an example of other things I make and asked them if there is a gap in the market they would like me to fill.  I have yet to hear back but my cynical self believes that they want to keep the fair as a bit of a clique between particular groups.  I would love to be proved wrong!  Edited: I have been proved wrong!   I can have a stall if I don't sell cards or jewellery items.  It looks like I will be busy learning new skills then! :)

So here I am today feeling despondent.  My son thinks my cards are too plain.  I have explained to him that they are thank you cards and get well cards and don't have to be fancy or over embellished.  He thinks I have the market all wrong and we lock horns because each of us think we are right.  My idea is to focus on these types of cards and offer a few really special large wedding or special anniversary cards but I don't want to put a lot of time into the types of cards that don't bring me joy.

Whenever I am in a dilemma I turn to you, my blogging friends, to help me put things into perspective with your cool reasoned heads!  Can you think of anything I can make either for a craft stall or my etsy shop that people would want to buy?

This is a topic I go round and round in circles with. My son thinks I should give up craft altogether and concentrate on painting instead.

Maybe in this overcrowded market he has a point.


  1. I would love to know what people want to buy...our markets are so fickle and random but my woolly badges always sell well. I reckon the safest bet is to offer variety.
    Hope you find some crafty success... without too much mess. (that bit rhymed!)xx

  2. If you are going to do a craft fair I would do a variety of crafts so you can see what people are after.
    Make some of your sprites and fairies and you could always put out some of your jewellery and cards along with them, they are hardly going to ask you to leave if you do. When you find out what sells best then you can specialise.
    V x

  3. Hi Vivienne, the organiser has specified that I cannot sell any cards or items of jewellery!

  4. So pleased that you have got a stall, your fairies and sprites are lovely, Simone - what about your soap too? Good luck:)

  5. Make bags, we are all going to have to pay for them at tills as from 2015. And like Ethel says what do people want, I always sell a variety of things. I only make four or six of one thing, I don't get bored and I am not left with tons of one thing.
    Julie xxx

  6. hello simone, for what its worth i think your cards are lovely!

    So are your sprites.. how about making variations on them? small ones with brooch fittings attached, small ones on keyrings, a little sprite with a tooth fairy pocket, how about some halloween sprites in orange and black and silver... christmas ones in red and gold?

    leanne x

  7. I think you need to follow your passion.....what makes your heart sing a little bit louder?
    at craft fairs, I'm always drawn to items that are unique and really feel "true"....there is something of the person's heart
    that speaks to mine.
    So I think my advice is "be true to your own beautiful heart."
    that's my two cents:)
    peace and passion, baby:)

  8. Well cards are not really a man thing anyway are they! Its really hard to know what will sell Simone - I only do 3 or 4 fairs a year and make a variety of thing and definitely only things I enjoy making. And I find that you can't predict what will sell. Something sells out and you wish you'd made more, you make more for the next sale and they don't sell but something else does! Is it called Sod's Law?! I think your cards are brilliant (of course). See if you can locate a fair that is being held to raise money for a charity - they are much more friendly!


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