Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Thoughts

There is little prospect of a holiday this year.  Malaise and illness have been the main feature of each day since the beginning of the holiday season.  I am resentful of how things have turned out this year but resigned to making the best out of a bad situation.

I concentrate on my craft fair makes.  I need to focus on this so that other concerns are pushed away to the back of my mind. I am concerned about the impending craft fair and people have tried to defer me from doing one, but I am tenacious and when I set my mind to something it has to be done!    Researching on line it seems that many people are having a hard time selling at craft fairs for various reasons: people don't have money to spend on fripperies, it is the wrong time of year, the wrong venue etc etc.  What I have observed though (being one of life's observers) is that people reporting poor sales are generally selling the same types of things such as simply made fabric owl cushions, machine stitched fabric cupcakes and camper vans on cards, stuffed fabric hearts etc.  Now, I have no idea how my craft stall will fare in September but I am going to stay away from these generic items that seem to be repeated makes in craft books and magazines.

The craft fair I am attending doesn't have a large footfall but the stall was comparatively cheap and will give me a chance to practise my selling skills and a chance to promote my etsy shop (which is currently empty!)  I am wracking my brains trying to pre-empt what people want to buy - maybe things that other stall holders would find useful such as money aprons - I have yet to make this myself though!

I think bags of chocolate bark or cinder toffee would sell well but only if I could sell them for more than the outlay to make them.  I will need to give this careful consideration.

Right now.  Back to the drawing board.  What shall I make next?


  1. I'm glad the craft fair has given you a focus Simone, don't be out off by others, every craft fair is different!
    V x

  2. What's to be made?
    What will trade?
    Will it sell?
    Who can tell?

    Sorry, I'm not much help but I shall be looking to you for some answers! xx

  3. Hi, Simone, glad to have a moment to be visiting blogs, again.

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your lolly sticks turned herb markers. Well done (and what a great idea). The stamps (is that how you did it?) you used are a lovely font and that color is perfect.

    I totally understand your feelings of ups and downs. Poor health (in yourself and loved ones) is so hard and colors everything in your life. I'm so sorry to hear that your garden has been a disappointment to you as well. I was so enjoying seeing how things were coming along with your garden.

    It's so easy for us to fall into discouragement. I was feeling these last couple weeks. I recently read a newspaper article about happiness that mentioned how people generally just post things online (facebook, blogs, etc.) that is happy which misrepresents what life is really like. When we take our lives and compare them to those "perfect" lives online it's no wonder we find ourselves lacking.

    I also think that for dreamers like us it's easy to get caught up in the beauty of our dreams and just as easy to feel disappointed when we see that real life doesn't quite measure up.

    As for craft fairs... that's such a tricky thing. I'm not really sure what I think about them. I've been in a few. Each one I made more than the last (the first I didn't sell a single thing!), but I never ended up making back all that I spent in preparing. Perhaps if I were doing more of them things would eventually even out and then tip the other direction, but I don't really want to be spending so much of my time doing fairs. I'm not saying this to dissuade you, I think it's good that you're doing the fair, I'm just saying that craft fairs are a complicated entity!

  4. bags of chocolate....I'd be buying:)
    hope the beauty of this time
    unfolds in sparkling and surprising ways
    for you,

  5. Love what you've made already Simone, especially the mice! I think you've got to treat the craft fair as a social event - a day out and a complete change from every day. In my experience other crafters are lovely people and, after all, are in the same boat as you. I also think quick makes you can sell cheaply are the way to go. I did a fair last Saturday. I sold lots and took £77 which is less than I've taken at the same fair previously. The table cost £20, petrol about £5 and goodness knows how much I spent on crafty bits and bobs, and I also spent on other stalls and on tea and cake. So, not including my time making, I probably made a loss but HEY! I had fun and really enjoyed the day! I'm happy with that... ;)

  6. And another thing, I agree with Anne above. People of course want to share what makes them happy and what they've enjoyed in life. Goodness knows I'm the same - the garden has been a disaster this year, my Mum is even more frail and grumpy, my son is as ever disappointed and bad tempered with his life, my house has subsidence, and my part time job is exhausting but I can't find anything else. But I certainly don't want to post any of that on my blog or FB so to all it looks like my life is perfect! Of course I do have enjoyment, especially while my sister is visiting. We have nice days out and she helps with Mum, so I just post happy!


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