Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This lovely, plump toad was found amongst a pile of rotting wood and leaves at the bottom of the garden. It was probably feasting on the slugs and snails that had accumulated there.  Although I had once dreamt of it, I don't think I am ever destined to have an organised veg patch but it is highly likely that my garden will become a nature reserve with the amount of wildlife that come to visit!

There is a distinctly autumn flavour to the air today.  I can't say that I will be sorry to see summer go as it never really got started for me.  My OH (a teacher) has had whooping cough since the end of June and now with just two weeks to go before the new term starts he is just getting over it.  It has been so distressing to see him choking and gasping for breath knowing that there is nothing I can do.  Hopefully we can move onwards and upwards towards the latter part of the year.  Thank goodness I have had my crafting to keep me sane and help me to hold things together!


  1. I could do with a few toads in my garden to help with the slug and snail problem.
    Sorry to hear about your poor husband, what a shame he has been ill for the whole holidays, hopefully he'll be back to full strength soon, whooping cough is a nasty illness.
    V x

  2. My summer has also been a bit of a damp squib really, two weeks to go before the start of them again and the countdown to Christmas! Glad your crafting has kept you busy. Xxx

  3. Thank goodness your husband is recovering Simone, that sounds awful. Best wishes to you both x

  4. Oh Mr Toad,
    Please mind the road!

    Pleased to hear things are looking up...crafting holds me together too. xx

  5. It's good you have Mr Toad in your garden to clear up the slugs. Whooping cough is a dreadful illness - glad to hear your husband is on the mend:)

  6. Not only is the presence of this little fellow in your garden good luck, he, in his perfection, is demonstrating how healthy your garden is. Despite your feeling down about its success this summer, you should be proud that you keep a place safe for him and his kind.
    I'm enjoying all the lovelies being prepared for the sale, Wish I could attend.
    Hoping that nasty sickness going on in your house vanishes soon.

  7. I hope your husband is feeling better, he sounds like he has been in an awful lot of discomfort.
    Mr Toad looks very happy in your garden.
    Lisa x

  8. Great photo of your amphibian friend enjoying the sanctuary of your garden. I know we, as gardeners can be hard on ourselves and our gardens, always having beautiful dreams and easily disappointed by the challenges. We need to be gentler with ourselves and enjoy the simple beauties that even the most humble of plants and flowers (and animal visitors) bring to our lives.

    Although I am not ready for autumn (and am in denial about summer coming to a close), I am wishing a beautiful, warm, colorful, sunny (did I forget any adjective?) autumn for us both.

  9. How cute :)
    Hi Simone! long time no see, I hope everything is well with you!
    I'm having only a quick and "visual" catch up with my reading list, you've been crafting a lot this Summer!
    Good luck with the fair!

    Michela x


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