Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Trash or Treasure?

I recently bought this bag of 'bling' or bag of trash depending on your viewpoint.   My reason for purchasing was I thought that I could be inspired by all the different sparkly bits and pieces but now I just feel a fool for buying without having a purpose for it.  Most of the items are bits of broken jewellery but there are a few better quality items among the mix.

Some of the pieces could be used to decorate a journal or cards perhaps.  Any Ideas for using up this 'treasure' would be much appreciated.  Also, hints and tips on how to avoid impulse buys!!!


  1. No hints for avoiding impulse buys… sometimes there's a little voice, impossible to ignore, calling to you. Not everyone is able to hear that voice and so it seems these baubles belong to you. They can be useful just as a collection of bright happy objects bringing you joy, reminding you of that little girl within. I think they'll let you know where they want to finally reside. Until then, just enjoy them and let go of any NEED to do something with them.

  2. Sorry can't help you with the impulse buys!! ;)
    Could you not refashion some of it into other jewellery pieces, looks like some very pretty stuff in there.
    V x

  3. Why not enjoy it for what it is, a little bag of sparkly treasure.

  4. I would count this as treasure! You could use the beads in new necklaces and use the gems to glue onto cards or decorations. I think it looks like an exciting crafty hoard and look forward to seeing what you make!
    Helen xox

  5. omg, I just love all those bits and pieces, just perfect for crazy embellished patchwork, where on earth did you get them?
    Thanks for your lovely comment on the Yorkie, I was fairly pleased with the way he came out, but you know what crafters are like, never entirely happy, lol

  6. I'm sure you will find a creative use for lots of the little treasurers in that bag. I look forward to seeing how you use some of them:)

  7. That's treasure in my book,
    A festive wreath, with a hook?

  8. Well certainly no no fool you! You will find just what you need amongst this treasure the next time you are feeling creative. Can you think of a use for the small Boots medicine measuring glass I bought today complete with box and price sticker showing 1/1d! :)

  9. Definitely a treasure find.
    Maybe they could be reworked into a new piece of jewellery or used to decorate some christmas decorations?
    Lisa x

  10. I'm using some old jewellery of my own to make Christmas decorations.


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