Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Sunday Walkabout

It was too nice to be stuck indoors today so I went for a brisk walk around the local neighbourhood.  It was very quiet.  There really wasn't anything much to interest me apart from a squirrel making a bird like noise in a tree.  Several dog walkers passed me by.  Just before I started to make my way back home something caught my eye - the sunlight reflecting back from the church window was so beautiful and really lifted my spirits.

When I looked down onto the church grounds I noticed a carpet of purple crocuses.  So pretty.

The blue sky topped off a pleasant walk in the February sunshine before setting off back home to finish cooking the dinner.


  1. HOw lovely and glad you had a walk and some positive thoughts too! It doesn't take much to lift the spirits does it? Hope the dinner was well received and that your week will continue in similar vein.

  2. These are blessings, Simone. Thank you for sharing them with me. It's grey and more grey here, temperatures hovering just at freezing with a layer of ice frosting on every surface. The chickens each slipped on their icy steps exiting their house this morning.

  3. Blue skies, some sunshine, pretty flowers and fresh air, all definitely good for the soul!
    V x

  4. The church window does look lovely in the sunlight. You had some bright weather, here it has been grey and misty all day so the walk we'd planned was abandoned as we couldn't see the end of the street:)

  5. Glad you got out and about in the beautiful winter sunshine. lovely post xxx

  6. Yesterday was the perfect day for getting outside and drinking in that fresh air and blue sky, good for you for getting out there.
    Lisa x

  7. That was a wonderful walk
    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. What a beautiful day! A gift for you and just what you needed, it seems.

    I'm jealous of the arrival of spring. Ours is still a ways away.


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