Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mini Make

Four posts in four days must be a record for me!  Anyway, it wasn't enough for me just to make the milk bath yesterday, so to keep the creative spark flowing I decided to make some baby bunting inspired by the images on pinterest.  This length of bunting would barely cover the back of a chair or dressing table mirror but it is oh so cute!  I used my best bakers twine and some lovely Japanese Washi paper to make the flags.

If I can do something creative every day I feel so much better in myself.  I have now realised that I don't have to do grand projects and can be satisfied with just doing little projects that give instant gratification!  There is a time and a place for the bigger brain challenging/consuming things but that time is not now.

I hope you have been enjoying my regular posts these last few days.  When I make/do or have something to say I just have to put it 'out there'!


  1. Now tell me........... did it all start with the homemade daffs? Or are you getting back into the swing of crafting. You certainly have cheered up. Hope I did help in some little way....
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. It's lovely hearing from you everyday Simone and I love to see what you're making. Creativity breeds creativity!
    Your mini bunting is lovely! :)
    V x

  3. Small projects can be very rewarding.

  4. Love these charming little flags, Simone. I think I will have to make some for myself!
    Congrats on your daily arts and blogs. So good to see the sun shining through you again.

  5. This mini bunting is adorable, and I agree, small projects give lots of satisfaction, just as much as big ones!
    Lovely photo too!
    Helen xox

  6. looking lovely and so glad you are able to do a little crafting everyday. perfect xxx

  7. Very pretty, Simone - it is good to see you making such lovely things:)

  8. Hello from Japan!
    These Washi paper is familiar to me; I used to play folding paper into various things such as crane, frog, dog, etc in my childhood.
    However it is totally new to make it small flags. They are so beautiful.

  9. So glad you're on a creative roll and that you seem to be feeling so much better. Keep creating! This bunting is absolutely adorable!

  10. I love this, the colours and the patterns on the paper are just gorgeous.


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