Monday, 23 February 2015

Wobbles in Crafting

I was determined to make something this weekend and after watching  a wire work bracelet demonstration on a shopping channel, thought I would try to replicate it.  I didn't have the correct gauge wire but had a go with what I had to hand.  I was quite pleased with the result but my ego came crashing down when my OH was distinctly underwhelmed with my efforts and I did take his response personally.  I think one of the reasons I blog is for the affirmation from people that what I am doing creatively is good and that I am following the 'right' path.  My two nearest and dearest do not 'get' the craft thing at all and I often feel discouraged by them.  They see my craft materials as a waste of money.  I do wish I could prove them wrong but there is a niggle in the back of my mind that they may be right.

This approval thing that I seek to be seen as a valid human being has to stop - I know that.  I shouldn't care what others think of me and what I make. It is very immature of me to keep wanting others to like what I am doing and ultimately like me too.  However, it is very deep seated within me.  Somehow I have made a warped connection that if you don't like what I make then you don't like me either.  I have no idea how I have made that connection other than my creativity is an important part of me.

Anyway, sorry to be rambling on this fine but cold Monday morning.  I had no idea that I was going to spill my feelings over the page.  Creating may have to be pushed aside today as I have bed linen to change and a pile of ironing to be tackled.  Perversely I quite like ironing and find that pressing out the creases in the fabrics is quite cathartic.


  1. You won't please all the people all the time Simone and maybe it is good that we don't all like the same things. Menfolk often don't see things the same way as we do so don't let them discourage you! Do what you do for your own sake and if you enjoy the doing and like the finished article then that's all that really matters. If you make things using what you have then there's no "waste of money" involved either!! I love the bracelet and wish I had your skills too.

  2. You bangle is great, I love bangles. Me and my husband have this sort of agreement. He enthusiasts about the radio/record player he has just restored and go mmmmmm...... I show him my latest creation he goes mmmmmm........ It works for us, unless I have made something that looks a bit odd then he questions it
    Julie xxxxx

  3. I wish I was half as creative and imaginative as you are, Simone. Men, on the whole, simply do not appreciate crafty things, in the same way that women are not usually petrol heads or action junkies. Of course this is a generalisation, but do take heart that your recent creations have been prolific and inspiring, as is your blog.

  4. Just remember Simone that men are from a different planet to us!!
    Also remember that first and foremost you craft to please yourself, your little bracelet is lovely and don't be discouraged!!
    V x

  5. Love it, love it, Simone.
    Wouldn't it be great sized as a choker and worn with a sundress and a tan this summer? In your photo it looks like copper wire. Is it?
    Any chance you could pass along the recipe for your heart cookies in measurements an American can understand? They look amazing in that stunning photo.
    By the way, does OH stand for "other half?" Why do we even think our partners are half of us? Be who you are and celebrate yourself by doing what warms your heart.

  6. I love what Sharon said above about 'the other half'
    so true.
    'They' might not appreciate what you do but you must learn to love yourself a little more. I love your bracelet!

  7. It is so easy to feel discoraged by remarks from others and one little word or phrase that seems negative or dismissive can seem very hurtful even if sometimes they didn't mean it the way it sounded. Don't feel discouraged from your crafting Simone - I wish I had half of your talent - the bracelet is lovely and very pretty against the object you have displayed it on - and I loved the biscuits you made last week and that super scottie dog - keep the faith in yourself and keep crafting:)

  8. Hello Simone,

    I love how you blog, from the heart. You do realise how talented you are, each posting has something different that you do. Crafting is good for the soul keep it up and forget about the cost etc.

    Happy days.

  9. I always admire your talent, you can turn your hand to so many things.
    Lisa x

  10. But they're men...
    Don't ask them again!

  11. Hi Simone - You sound very busy at the moment beavering away with your crafts. You are very talented and should'nt feel discouraged. Enjoying yourself is the main objective of crafting - trying out new ideas which lead you to even more new ideas. I loved your fairies enough to buy some. I love your jewellery but sadly for me I never really wear much so tend not ot buy any but I do like seeing your creations. don't let those self doubts creep in. x

  12. Oh this is so hard, Simone. The doubts in our own minds (wherever they come from... usually NOT reality) get multiplied when others don't validate our work. I know my husband often doesn't "get" what I'm doing, either, and some of my creations are much too "girly" for him. It used to upset me when he wouldn't be as excited as I was about something I'd created, but we have to let that sort of thing go. I do admit that I still have my feelings swayed by what other people think of my art or when I do or don't get comments or "likes" or recognition when I put myself out there, but I TRY not to let those things affect me.

    Your bracelet is lovely. The clear, pale beads make a nice contrast to the copper wire.

    Wishing you continued crafting momentum, Simone (and turn off those other voices!).


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