Saturday, 7 March 2015


I went to my third sewing class today.  It was an open session where we could take along any projects that we wanted help with.  I downloaded a free zipped pouch tutorial from the Internet to take with me.  I have never sewn in a zip before so thought it would be good practise to start off with something small.

For the fabric I purchased a set of 3 generously sized tea towels from Dunhelm Mill for £5.99.  I felt bad cutting into them but it was cheaper to buy fabric like this rather than off the roll.  There is the added bonus of the fabric having washing instructions with it too.  The packaging was wrapped in a lovely red tape so I used a piece of it to make a side tab. 

I don't know if I would make this particular pouch again as the instructions were confusing (even my tutor said so!) but I will definitely be making more lined and zipped pouches in the future.  I felt a real sense of achievement learning to sew in a zip rather than take the easy way out of sewing on a button enclosure as I would have done previously.


  1. Very pretty, Simone and what a good idea to use a tea towel so you can use the washing instructions. I love the colours:)

  2. Well done Simone - very pretty fabric and economic too xx

  3. Looks great, Simone! Zippers can be so tricky so I'm impressed you jumped right in with this project. I'm glad you're having fun with sewing and look forward to seeing what your next project will be!

  4. It's gorgeous Simone, well done with the zip, they terrify me! Good use of the tea towels and the piece of ribbon. Glad you enjoyed it so much that you want to make more, looking forward to seeing them!
    V x

  5. Wow, wow. Most impressive.
    Love the fabric choice. Little zipped pouches are so useful. And they make great gifts. Now make another one while you still remember how.

  6. Hello Simone,

    Congratulations, your little pouch is stunning. Love the idea of using the tea towels for the fabric. There are plenty of pouches, purses for free on the net, have fun with your sewing.

    Happy days.

  7. Great use of a tea towel! Well done on learning a new skill.
    Lisa x

  8. A jolly quip
    To rhyme with zip...
    Good craftsmanship
    And very hip.

    I have just made some tea towel totes but not brave enough for zips yet!

  9. It looks lovely, and what a fab idea for using tea towels!! Well done on cracking the zip :) I am about to try sewing and zips are one of those things which sound super difficult.

  10. It's really lovely. Sewing in a zip can be tricky!


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