Monday, 11 May 2015

Increasing Knowledge

I am not an academic or an intellectual and yet I am always striving to be better informed.  I love knowledge for knowledge's sake and seek out information where I have a gap in knowledge about things that I am interested in.  I love to seek out classical fiction by great writers such as Hardy and am about to embark on reading Far from the Madding Crowd (which is currently on at cinemas in the UK).  I am also looking forward to reading A Brief Guide to Philosophical Classics  - which according to the front cover is - 'philosophy without the boring bits'. 

From time to time I dip into a book called Sort Your Brain Out by Dr Jack Lewis and Adrian Webster.  It is about boosting your performance, managing stress and achieving more by adapting, training and exercising your brain on a daily basis.  It is full of stuff you need to know and stuff that one never needs to know such as;

 ' if your skull was used as a drinking vessel it could hold about 3 pints.' 

 I am not likely to forget that trivial piece of information now!

Talking of triviality,  I made some mini coat hangers out paper clips after seeing a tutorial on pinterest.  I have absolutely no purpose for them and yet they make me feel happy just looking at them and I have no idea why.  Yes, the brain does work in some strange and fascinating ways.


  1. It's always good to learn some thing new and you just never know when you'll need a bit of trivia.
    I love the little coat cute! :)
    V x

  2. Hello Simone,

    Some interesting reading going on. Love the paperclips, they would look fantastic on some baby cards.

    Happy days.

  3. I am not an academic or an intellectual, I just love reading the classics too, especially as a child, that was my escape from certain things. I have read loads of classics from Hodgson-Burnett to Dickens and Hardy
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Hope you enjoy reading both your books, Simone. Those coat hangers are sweet - now you need to make something to hang from them - tiny little coats or dresses perhaps?:)

  5. I want to read FFTMC too, as I want to see the movie but feel I should read the book first.
    I reckon you'll find a great use in your card making for those hangers. How about origami folded dresses hanging from them?
    Lisa x

  6. Enjoy your books, Simone! I love to read too. The tiny coat hangers are so mice could make use of them, I am sure!
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  7. First, I admire your quest for knowledge, Simone!! I think I read "….The Madding Crowd" in high school, but would love to read it again! And those little hangers look to me like they are begging for some little dresses cut out from scrapbooking paper, adorned with beads or ribbons! What do you think?

  8. Love those coat hangers. So funny because while digging in the garden here I found a tiny (smaller than yours, I think) plastic coat hanger that had to have been from the children who lived here before us. I love finding stuff like that.

    Your books sound interesting and you've inspired me to read some classics, again. I'm always looking for good book suggestions.


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