Thursday, 28 May 2015


Last year, spring 2014 I bought three 'sweetheart' strawberry plants.  I got about 15 strawberries from them.  As the year progressed I pegged down the runners into the surrounding earth to make new plants.

One year later I am looking at a prolific strawberry 'bed'.  I have counted at least a hundred strawberries.  Strawberry jam anyone?


  1. Oh yes please!!! That's brilliant Simone, yours are way ahead of mine, I've only just got flowers so far!
    V x

  2. Oh wow, yes please! We had to leave most of our strawberry plants at the old house and the pot we brought hasn't even got flowers this year!!

  3. Good job, Simone! How about sampling a few on the way to the kitchen?? Just picked strawberries are the absolute best way to understand strawberry flavor. Enjoy each and every one and be proud of yourself.

  4. Mmm - Strawberries and stawberry jam I love both. Looks as if you'll have a bumper crop this year, Simone our strawberries aren't nearly as advanced as yours:)

  5. Oh yes, nothing like home made strawberry jam! xxx

  6. Oh yes, please, I love it! Well done on creating your strawberry bed, Simone.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  7. Of strawberries...I'm a fan,
    They never make it to the pan.

  8. Wonderful! I planted a lot of strawberry plants last year. Most of them were "rescued" from the meadow at the farm. They're a wild variety that produce tiny strawberries. Maybe a strange thing to plant in a garden!

    I hope you find lots of good things to make with your strawberries. Strawberry ice cream? :)


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