Monday, 28 September 2015


I've been busy making handbag/purse charms.  They are great for personalising items or for people who don't/can't wear jewellery.  I may put them to sell in my etsy shop but am undecided on that at the moment.

I deleted my last post on angels in case you were wondering what happened to it.  I've deleted a few posts this year because I thought that they weren't up to par.  I may decide that this one gets the chop too, who knows?!!

Today has been a bright and very warm sunny day yet the grass stays wet due to the shortened hours of sunlight.  I really need to cut the grass and tidy the garden before the cold and wet weather sets in.  There is so much I should be doing but end up making handbag charms instead.


  1. Crafting is always much more fun than chores Simone!!
    I love your little bag charm, so pretty and such a beautiful colour......don't delete it!!!
    V x

  2. I'm loving the bright ping of yellow in this post, goes well with the welcome sunshine outside.
    Being creative is far more fun than the stuff we should be doing!
    Lisa x

  3. This is a busy time of year, especially with the garden. If I spent all my time cooking/baking apples and tomatoes etc I still don't think I'd get them all used up. But I have to stop for some crochet and a cup of tea.

  4. Forgot to say - the charms are lovely and a really great way to personalize a bag.


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