Friday, 18 September 2015


When I am no longer here
Will you miss me?
How long will it take you to realise I have gone?
Like an imprint in the sand,
Water will wash over and erase the memory

When I am no longer here
How quickly will you fill the void?
A cup of tea and some biscuits should do it
Must hurry along now
Have a very busy schedule dontcha know?

When I am no longer here
Will you breathe a sigh of relief?
As though an irritant has been removed
That perturbed the oyster
And a sense of contentment ensues

When I am no longer here
Will you regret having known me?
Was I a waste of resources?
That took the place of a deserving soul
Of that, I will never know

Simone Whipp 2015


  1. Oh dear - sorry to read this post and to think that this might be about you? Surely not? We are all each and every one of us of value in the world coming as we do with our many and various attributes.

  2. What a perfect little raindrop on that leaf.
    Those words make me sad, everyone has someone who would miss them.
    Lisa x

  3. Heart wrenching writing Simone, I think we all feel that 'why are we here' feeling sometimes even the most confident of us, I know I often question myself. I hope if these words reflect how you are feeling at the moment, that you will be reassured that you would be missed very much by those that love you. As Lisa (above) says everyone has someone who would miss them, take carexxxx

  4. Very melancholy indeed, Simone, but beautifully written. Take care, my friend.xx

  5. I am very sure you would be missed if you were gone.

  6. Once again you've touched us, Simone. How could your photo be more lovely? Black and white speaks volumes.
    How perfectly chosen your words are. How blessed we are to be a part of this technological connection which allows me to reach out and pull you into a group hug. You have captured in just a few short verses what each of us ponders at times. You are not alone. We are here. Your fibers are inextricably woven into my self tapestry., today and forever.
    Sending you love for a brighter week ahead.

  7. Love and light and fresh lift to dear, irreplaceable you:)
    You are thoroughly loved and seen and safe and
    altogether beautiful.
    And you write so tenderly and well of the aloneness we sometimes
    Thanks for being such a brave and brilliant soul:)

  8. Beautiful, haunting and sad, Simone.


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