Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Dressed Bunny and Five Minutes of Fame

I finished off my bunny with a basic linen pinafore and matching hat.  She was a dream to put together and I will definitely make one again!

In other news I got a letter published on the reader's letters page of a local newspaper.  They haven't edited it at all which is pleasing although they have added a extra 's' on the word encouraging which is rather annoying! I liked to see my words printed on paper as I think we can get a bit blase with our writing being seen on a screen.  It was good to see that an editor sees my thoughts worthy of publication and it's not just me pressing the 'publish' button!  


  1. Just catching up with you Simone, I love your bunny, she is so pretty!! Sorry the felt ones didn't work out for you, perhaps you could enlarge the patterns and maybe make them in something other than felt which I agree isn't the easiest fabric to work with.
    Well done on your newspaper very true!
    V x

  2. Lovely bunny
    Great letter Simone

    Julie xxxxx

  3. How wonderful to have your letter printed and I agree with your views on missing the peace and quiet of how libraries used to be as it made them very special. Last time I went into our local library at one end was a children's story telling complete with singing and tambourines and at the other a group of people chatting as they used the computers and accessed the internet. I didn't mind as I was just choosing books but if I had wanted to study I think I'd have had trouble concentrating. I love Miss Bunny in her new outfit:)

  4. Well done on having your letter published.....and I so agree with what you say! I love your sweet bunny Simone.
    Helen xox

  5. That is an achievement, getting your name in print!
    Bunny is looking very sweet in her new clothes.
    Lisa x

  6. She's cute with her clothes (should have looked here first, I guess).

    You don't even know... the libraries where I used to work were the opposite of peace and quiet. And congrats on being published!


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