Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mid May Garden

I am still on a blogging break but wanted to record the garden's progress so far this month.  Things of note include the white wisteria which always has more foliage than flowers.

The wild patch has been overtaken with pretty blue borage. EDITED:  Thanks to Toffeeapple's observation I now know that this is not borage and is in fact pentaglottis sempervirens otherwise known as bugloss or alkanet. 

The strawberry patch is covered in white flowers with little berries beginning to form in the centres.


  1. Gorgeous garden pictures, your flowers are beautiful Simone!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  2. Thanks for the limerick... it made my day! Next time I feel like moaning I shall recite your cautionary tale! xx

  3. It's good to record the changes in the garden. Your white Wisteria is beautiful. We have little white flowers on our strawbery plants too. Have a happy weekend:)

  4. Lovely to take a bit of a walk with you in your garden.

  5. What joy! I'm so glad you stopped in to share it. I hope you're thoroughly enjoying it yourself!!

  6. The wisteria is beautiful. The one and only time we went to the Hampton Court flower show borage was everywhere, it's so pretty.
    Lisa x

  7. How beautiful! I will have to wait a few weeks for my hydrangeas to bloom!! Happy to see this new post, Simone!!

  8. Gorgeous wisteria! You've obviously got the knack for pruning it.

  9. Beautfiul wisteria Simone, I'm sure the scent is amazing!!
    It looks like you're going to have a good crop of strawberries. :)
    V x

  10. Hello Simone,

    Love your garden blooms, our Borage is flowering at the moment too.
    One day I hope my Wisteria will look like yours.

    Happy gardening.

  11. That doesn't look like Borage to me, Google can show it to you though.

  12. Hi Toffeeapple! So nice to see you here again. You are right. After further investigation I found out that it is in fact Pentaglottis Sempervirens otherwise known as bugloss or alkanet.


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