Wednesday, 13 July 2016


For many years I have been interested in astrology, 'alternative' medicine, medical herbalism, aromatherapy, crystal healing, spirituality, meditation, mysticism, folklore etc.  I would even take shamanism on board but have yet to find my animal spirit no matter how hard I try. However, one of the things I have yet to be convinced by is channeling.

One of my favourite astrologers has recently taken up channeling.  I have watched her for years on YouTube and she has been a proficient educator in astrology whom I have respected and admired greatly. I have watched her videos with an open mind but fear that her recent videos on channeling have caused me to question all the information she has historically told.  I am a curious creature and I have watched her to the point of believing what she is doing now is farcical.  She claims to be channeling Pleiadians (who come from the Pleiades star cluster and navigate other Worlds through human consciousness).  If you look on line you will find loads of information on Pleiadians should you wish to explore this further.

When she channels the Pleiadians she pulls lots of funny faces and laughs continually in a very posh English accent.  I just don't get it.  Apparently they are very happy and want us on Earth to be happy too.  She now channels the Pleiadians when she is painting and produces the art whilst under the instruction of them.  She tells the viewers that they are telling her which colours to pick up and where to put it on the canvas.  She produces attractive abstract style paintings with acrylic paints, a canvas and a sponge.  I wasn't surprised when people inquired about buying them and behold she has already successfully sold them.  She even told of one occasion when she put a painting behind her bed at night and the next day all her health problems had disappeared.

I have always thought I was open minded.  I no longer think a lot of things I once thought.  I feel as though the wool has been pulled over my eyes and a woman that I once had such high regard for leaves me feeling confused and duped. 

I will end by saying that the videos are fun to watch but in my eyes it is all an act.  Like a magician deceives it's audience I believe that is what she is doing.  The fact that she is profiting from channeled paintings makes me determine furthermore that it is a scam.  Maybe she is confusing channeling with being inspired.  If she said she was inspired by aliens of other realms that would sit OK with me.  The fact that they show up on demand is not convincing me one bit.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

i suppose its always good to have an open mind but I'm so sceptical about everything these days.

Rosie said...

I've never heard of channeling, Simone but it does sound slightly odd, no wonder you are sceptical. I've certainly learnt something new reading your post today:)

Kim said...

I have been curious about such things in the past, and love to read about herbalism, spirituality and meditate daily. I find I live best when I stick to what is real and visible. When life starts to feel too confusing and difficult, it is usually because I am not paying enough attention to reality.

My view is that if believing something helps you improve your life or the lives of others then it's all well and good, but to be profiting from other's gullibility is not right.

Lisa said...

Always good to have an open mind as you never know what may come your way but this is something which does sound a little iffy i agree.
Lisa x