Thursday, 7 July 2016

Happy Days

I contacted the local garden centre to find out if there were any job vacancies.  I had a quick response to my inquiry and was told that if I took in my CV they would keep my details on file should a vacancy arise.  Yeh right.

Anyway, I took myself up to the nursery to buy some pelargoniums and plant food.  The pelargoniums (or geraniums as they like to call them) were housed in a very hot greenhouse.  In fact it was so hot I could hardly breathe and I was thankful that there hadn't been any job available to me!   I don't think I would have lasted more than a day. The pelargoniums looked sparse and unloved and I couldn't find any that I was drawn to.

There was a welcome cool breeze out in main nursery and I found a bench of perky looking dahlias.  There were big flouncy ones and cute pom poms but I was drawn to one in particular called 'Happy Days'.  This plant was lemon with dark foliage and the name resonated with me.  Happy days, happy days, happy days........

I picked up Happy Days and headed for the counter where a chinless man pushed his trolley in front of me with his purchases.  Brash and loud he took a call on his mobile whilst the cashier waited for payment.  I stood observing, unnoticed.

I forgot the plant food.


Rosie said...

Happy Days looks a lovely cheerful plant, Simone. I think it is very rude when people talk on their phones when dealing with other people. It is so easy to call someone back when you have finished. I find when I'm out walking on the streets I'm looking ahead all the time to avoid people walking along texting and not looking where they are going as they always see it as your fault not theirs if they walk into you. Anyway, I hope you have many happy days, Simone and a lovely weekend too:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Such a pretty little plant with a lovely name....I hope it brings you many happy days.
V x

Jennifer Richardson said...

Wishing you days as happy
as the beauty in your image:)

Lisa said...

Happy days to you!
Some people are just so rude. Being polite costs nothing and makes the world a better place.
Lisa x