Monday, 25 July 2016

Making Swatches

I've been making swatches of my favourite set of watercolour paints.  I feel inspired to take up water colour painting again after a break of a few years.  My source of inspiration is my watercolour artist friend Anne from My Giant Strawberry who has demonstrated to me that with practise comes perfection.

It is lovely to have my interest rekindled.   Watercolour painting is like an old friend.  I have dabbled with acrylic paints but they really are not 'me'.  With watercolour the paints just glide across the paper as you move the pigment and water.  The results are unpredictable but is not life?

I may not blog as much as usual while I get reacquainted with my paints, brushes and paper but will be sure to let you know of any progress I make.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

That sounds like a plan Simone, looking forward to seeing your work!
I already love your little swatches. :)
V x

Julia said...

What a good idea and don't they look great!! I still call myself an amateur watercolourist even though I haven't picked up a paintbrush in years - I shall one day though!

Kim said...

The watercolour swatches look so pretty all together. I have been feeling more creative lately and wanting to make things. Knitting, painting, writing... life feels fuller and richer to me when I do these kinds of things. Enjoy your journey! xx

Rosie said...

Some lovely colours there, Simone. Enjoy your painting and pop by occasionally to show us what you have painted:)

KC'sCourt! said...

I love what you have done there. Inspiration, your have given me inspiration

Julie xxxxxxxxx

Helen Philipps said...

Pretty swatches! I love working with watercolours too and always have.
Happy week Simone.
Helen xox

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that rainbow of colours :)

Lisa said...

Have fun with your dabbling!
Lisa x

Anne Butera said...

Swatches are so much fun.

I'm glad to have shined a bit of inspiration your way, Simone! Wishing for many more hours of colorful joy for you.