Thursday, 22 September 2016

More Crafty Makes

I am dreaming craft at the moment.  I am suddenly panicking that I won't have enough stock or enough variety.  I know what I want to make but in the process there is much trial and error!  I have time to make simple gift tags and lace trimmed note books but other things need much more planning such as the caged baked marble pendants that I want to try out!

If I only knew ahead what sort of things people wanted to buy I could concentrate on doing those.  I have been told that there will be other jewellery makers and card makers at the fair.  I am quickly looking for a USP* and I think it is going to be quality goods with a few quirky makes thrown in for good measure! So quality/quirky!

When (or if) you go to craft fairs, what things catch your eye?  Are you looking to buy for others or to buy for yourself?  Is there anything you want to buy but can't find?  I would love to know what you think.

*unique selling point


KC'sCourt! said...

I personally got for the unusual. An unusual necklace. A fun thing, that you know would make a perfect present for a special friend. I love the labels

Julie xxxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Whatever you do Simone, don't panic!!
I'm usually looking for gifts for others especially at Christmas fairs, you little notebook is perfect, little things thats can be added to presents are always a good idea.
V x

Jane said...

If you don't have enough items to fill the whole table, how about making one end a 'demonstration' area and sit making things during the show. That might catch people's interest, and it's something to do in quiet moments.

Rosie said...

I'd be looking for small items to add to presents for others and matching things to put into one package, perhaps a colour theme through a parcel of bits and bobs which runs into the wrapping and gift cards, ribbon etc too. Something scented perhaps to enhance the parcel:)

Lisa said...

Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you see it! Craft fairs are great places for little stockingfillers. I always look out for little things which are good for posting as I have friends overseas.
Lisa x

Judy Hartman said...

It looks like you are doing very well, Simone. When I go to craft fairs, I like it when pretty little things are available, especially if they are hand made. It is SO difficult to know what people will like, so I try to make things which please me! Best of luck! xx

Ethel Johnson said...

I always look for something original...looking forward to seeing your baked marbles! xx

DUTA said...

When I go to a market or a fair I'll look for things that please my eye and my taste. They should be not only decorative but also practical. If I like something I'll buy one more to give it as a gift. For example an amber pendant (in heart form or other shape) with a thin leather string. You can't go wrong with this as a gift for a female.

Anne Butera said...

It's always hard to know what people will want, especially when you're not familiar with the venue. I guess if you have a variety of things that you love, you'll be in a good place.

Enjoy your making and follow your inspiration!