Sunday, 16 October 2016

More Tiny Cards

Apologies for the dark picture but it was a bit gloomy when I took the photo.  These tiny cards are such fun to make and will hopefully be a best seller at the upcoming craft fair. 


  1. Sweet little cards, I'm sure they'll sell really well xx

  2. Lovely little cards Simone, I hope they sell well for you at the crafts fair:)

  3. they really are cute Simone, I think they will do really well for you at the craft fair!
    V x

  4. I thought the cats were cute until I saw the pandas!
    Lisa x

  5. Hello Simone,

    So cute they will surely sell so well. Good luck with your stall.

    Happy days.

  6. These are SO cute, Simone!!!! Love them! xx

  7. Simone,
    I just got my computer back from the "tech doctor" and have been catching up. Just spotted your last two posts and have to say your cards will bring with them sweetness and light. You have such good ideas! Who could resist any of them.

  8. I like to keep a stash of thank you cards on hand, and these are just lovely, so I would definitely buy them :)


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