Sunday, 20 November 2016

Craft Fair 2016 Round Up

So this is Craft Fair 2016 packed away into two boxes and a bag probably never to be seen again.  The last few months have been intense crafting so that I had enough items to sell at the fair. I now feel all crafted out and don't think I ever want to see another craft/jewellery item again!!!

Once I had taken out £25.00 for the stall itself I just about broke even.  I shared the meagre 'profit' with my son who kept me company on the day and gave me support and encouragement.

Here is a round up of how my items fared:
  • mini cards the most popular items
  • wish bracelets sold well at only £1.00 each
  • Stretch bracelets with high quality beads brought in most money per item at £7.50 each
  • no sales of angel charms, general cards, necklaces, earrings, decorations, pendants, tote bags, wooden key rings, bag charms
  • Two rings stolen

The day itself was a confidence booster as I really got into my stride talking to people and it was another example of how I can function capably outside of my comfort zone.

Would I do another craft fair?  Never!  What next?  I am going to let things sink in over the next couple of weeks and see how I am going to move forward.  I do tend to be an all or nothing person and as I have given the crafting game my all I now feel like I want to give it nothing!

Time to pack up the boxes and all the crafting paraphernalia and return to less manic creativity such as painting or drawing (or even picking up a sketchbook Anne!) 

I feel such a sense of relief that it is over.  *Sigh*.


  1. Sorry it was disappointing, we sometimes have bad ones but each time you learn more about what sells. I started trading 5 years ago hoping to sell crafts but now sell mainly toys.I was surprised at how difficult it was. At least you now have an good stock of lovely emergency gifts! xx

  2. Sorry for the I agree with Ethel Johnson. Some fairs are good some are bad, but you do learn.......

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. You cannot judge your success by your sales. I have watched your thoughtfully, beautifully crafted items appear week by week in your blog and have both admired and loved them all. It's true that there are stinkers everywhere who feel no remorse for stealing someone else's work, whether out in the open at a fair or covertly on the internet. We cannot be responsible for them nor allow them the power of diminishing us by what they do.
    Ask yourself why you participated this time around. And then look at all you've accomplished and put these lovelies in your online shop or give them to special friends. Keep samples of everything to remind you of the growth you've achieved.
    Be kind to yourself when you reflect on this experience. From where I sit you are a winner, Simone. Never judge yourself or your worth in pounds or dollars. You are priceless and precious.
    We are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US this Thursday. I will be thinking of you when I count my blessings.

  4. Don't give up on Craft Fairs entirely, Simone as you have so much to offer. I thought the little cards would sell well, such a shame about the rings there is always a bad apple or two amongst all the good ones, such a selfish thing to do after all your had work. You may feel like opening up those bags and boxes next year, meantime you can relax and do other creative things:)

  5. It's not gone as well as you'd hoped Simone; that's a shame as you've put so much thought and work into your stock. Is it possibly the type of craft fair - do you know what I mean - attracting the right kind of audience? And of course, the craft stall has to be paid for, otherwise it wouldn't have been so bad. That's one of the reasons I haven't considered yet doing a bear craft fair- from what I understand, the big one in London is about £180 per stall!!!

    As you say, reflect for a couple of weeks and maybe you'll feel differently

    Julia xx

  6. Simone, you worked SO HARD for this fair!! Your displays looked beautiful, your work is lovely and you are a superb artisan. I've told you before, I think, that I've had some big disappointments with craft fairs, especially the one where I not only sold NOTHING, but also had two items stolen!!! I hope you really will turn your attention to drawing and painting for a while. I'd love to see that. And, as others have said, one day you will probably unpack those bags and boxes and do another fair. And you won't have to do any work, just think!
    Sending big hugs - Love, Judy Magoo (thanks for your comments on my blog!)xx

  7. I'm so glad you stretched yourself to do this, Simone, even if you think you never want to do one again. Craft fairs are hard. You never know if low sales are your items, the venue, the people who happen to come or some other factor.

    I can totally understand your need for a break, but don't give up on crafting altogether!!

    I hope you do spend some time drawing and painting (and working in a sketchbook!!!). Take some time for yourself and just play!

  8. I did craft shows for quite a while and sometimes it was good and sometimes not...and like you I ended up with boxes of unsold goodies. I then hit on the idea of having a half price sale at the next show - mainly same folk coming to it - and sold the lot! It grieved me to sell some stuff so cheaply but it did leave me the space to start again and to try new things. Don't be disappointed - it's just the way it goes. Things that weren't popular this time will inexplicably sell like hotcakes next time!

  9. I am appalled that people stole things from the fair! I can only echo all the wise words already shared by other. You worked so hard and your items are so well made.
    Lisa x

  10. Awe I'm sorry it didn't go to plan Simone. That's craft fairs for you, there is no way of judging them because you just never know who is going to attend and if they are going to buy or are just there to collect other peoples ideas. I gave up on them a while ago as they frustrated me but don't let it get you down, you worked hard and your creations were brilliant, so the way I look at it, it's their loss.
    I'm appalled that you had rings dare they but I have to say well done to your son for supporting you, what a good lad and without a doubt your best creation!
    V x

  11. Dear Simone, please don't let this one fair spoil your creativity. I have very much enjoyed following you as you progressed in producing beautiful stuff for the fair. I love your felt ornaments, the wooden key rings, your necklace and bracelet with multi strings, the small cards, and I was so impressed with your displays for earrings made of paper. You are a source of inspiration! /Bella


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