Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Slight Change of Plan

For the last two days I have found it extremely difficult to do my 'art every day'.  I now realise that I need to make some adjustments to my original project/plan/intention that I had for 2017 that was to paint/draw or create every day.  My revised plan is to do this when I can but for days when I am unable to get the paints out or draw I will be embracing art either on line or in books or visiting a gallery etc.  My intention is to have a place for art in my life everyday but not quite as I had originally envisaged.  Who is to say that plans need to be set in stone any way?

Above is a quick watercolour of a Brussels Sprout!  Not exactly a picture you would want on your wall but a good exercise in building up colour and layers and learning how to do 'veining' of the leaves.  The circles of paint at the bottom of the paper are the colours I used in the painting.

The postcard sized watercolour is lying on top of an Indian quilt that I was lucky to receive as a Christmas present.  It is block printed by hand using vegetable dyes and is 100% cotton and beautifully tactile.  I have just noticed how well the colours blend with the Brussels Sprout!

I hope that your first week of the year is off to a good start and maybe you are having to make some adjustments to plans, like I have.  We'll get to our goals in the end but a few diversions will make our journey's all the more interesting!


  1. Just go with the flow Simone, don't make too many rules for yourself!!
    I love your sprout...brilliant and I adore your new quilt beautiful.
    V x

  2. I agree with greenrabbitdesigns go with the flow, do as you fell, don't make plans. You can only do so much in a day. Love the painting

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I love your sprout!
    No need to tie yourself to rules, this things need a little adjustment as you say.
    Your new quilt is gorgeous, enjoy using it, it's a work of art in it's own right.
    Lisa x

  4. nice job on the watercolors. that sprout is too cute.
    such a lucky lady to receive that amazing quilt.
    no plan should be so rigid as to be confining.
    enjoy each day what ever needs to be expressed.

  5. I agree with all of the above comments, Simone! Your painting is wonderful and I, too, love your new quilt.
    I found, when doing Art Every Day in November, that I had to give myself leeway to miss days, without even mentioning it on my blog. We readers applaud the art you make, when you make it. I feel like your blog has a new look and attitude. Very positive, Simone! xx

  6. Next years Christmas card already? so cute! Enjoy your journey. xx

  7. I love your Brussels Sprout! It does match the lovely quilt too. Nothing wrong in plans being flexible it adds to greater creativity:)

  8. Your little watercolour sprout is perfect!
    I too make plans that often go awry, it doesn't stop me making them though ;) I would love to draw and paint more myself, perhaps we could encourage and support each other?


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