Saturday, 4 February 2017

Not in a Painting Frame of Mind

I started out the year with good intentions.  I was going to do this and I was going to do that and I was going to embrace art every day.  The reality is that I have hardly done a thing.  Today I 'forced' myself to stick down a sheet of watercolour paper and drop some paint on to it.  I just watched the paint do its thing.  I wasn't particular about the colours I chose and ignored if they would blend well together and whether or not they were warm or cool colour families.   Normally I would just throw away the 'wasted' paper but not this time. 

Doing art isn't just about the end result.  Doing art is a self expression.  Doing art is a learning process.

I read a really useful quote recently which is rather than saying 'practice makes perfect' a better terminology is 'practice makes progress'.  I know I need to practice to make progress with my art and unless I practice I am not going to even start to make progress!

So, today I made baby steps in putting down some paint onto paper.  I just need to keep doing this in order to build my confidence in expressing my creativity.


  1. so true, just keep on keeping on!
    I also said I would be more creative this year but so far....nothing!
    Today I also sat and stared at a blank page then I decided to play with a new tin of watercolour pencils, just blending and looking at the results. I am trying to doodle in my art journal rather than jump in and do a 'finished' piece of art work. Keep going. xxx

  2. Perhaps this was the little push you needed to get you started Simone.
    V x

  3. Along these lines one of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso is "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." Sometimes when I force myself to work on something it goes terribly. Other times, once I get started I've gotten past the hardest part. Hang in there Simone. You'll find your way.

  4. That's great, Simone. I also listened to a TED talk the other day that basically said that there is work that needs to be done in order to have brilliant moments of creativity. I like that phrase "practice makes progress".
    I think that putting paint down on paper and playing with color and shape would lay the groundwork for inspired painting. For me that would mean spending time every day just drawing, to develop good skills for producing good stitch designs. I'll look forward to seeing your progress. xx

  5. Good idea to do something even though not what you intended it will keep you going by doing just a little each day. I like the term practice makes progress:)

  6. Isn't it a lovely feeling blending gorgeous colors on paper a bit like bringing a group of likeminded folks together to share a cup of tea? Just the being together can be enough for the moment.
    Now that the "conversation" has begun, help it continue.

  7. I had another thought, Simone. You have to think about why you feel that you should create every day. If painting or other art-making doesn't bring you joy, perhaps your focus should be something else? If, on the other hand (which was my first assumption), you're letting fear of not being perfect keep you from creating, then keep going and never give up.

    Either way, I know you'll find your way.

  8. Don't give up with what you are doing, just go with the flow. If you feel like painting something today paint it, if you feel like baking a cake today bake it but don't be strict with yourself just go with the flow you will surprise yourself

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  9. Just three words but there is a lot of sense in them isn't there.
    I hope you enjoy all you do.
    Lisa x


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