Saturday, 17 June 2017

Bees and Clover and Drawing Every Day

I have been sketching in the book (pictured above) for the last few weeks. This month the materials to use are marker pens and black micron pens.  I have looked at some of my 'efforts' with an overly critical eye.  I can't help it as it is ingrained in my nature. 

I thought I would share one of my quick sketches.  I had to draw bees hovering over clover.  I made quick loose, sketchy marks and am pleased with the overall result.  Sometimes I don't need to be painstakingly tied to detail and perfectionism.  Sometimes I can covey what I need to with just a few pen marks. 


  1. I love your picture. Its so pretty

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Summer captured in a few strokes. I admire anyone who can just move the pen across the pages a few times and have a complete picture.
    Lisa x

  3. I love your bees if that's what you achieve by letting go a bit then I'd say that tells you something?! Carry on doing things with less of a perfectionist's eye.

  4. I really like this Simone I think it has great movement because it is a quick sketch - you should do this more often. When we did life drawing at Art College we had to do quick sketches of 2 minute poses and the results were often far better than a laboured 4 hour drawing!

  5. I love your little bees Simone, each one of them is a different little character! :)
    V x

  6. I was sitting in the garden yesterday watching the bees hovering over the flowers, you have captured both sight and sound of that in your drawings:)

  7. So glad you're drawing every day, Simone. It's really not the finished page that's important. It's the process, the practice and what you learn over time. Sometimes it's so hard to remember that and not feel overly critical about what ends up on the page.

    It's been ages since I've found the time to sit down and read any blogs, so it's lovely to be catching up with your goings on while I drink my morning coffee.

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your days!

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Wonderful drawing, Simone!

  9. So pretty and free, Simone! Love your sketchy flowers!
    I purchased that book a while ago and haven't begun to use it yet. Glad to see you leading the way! xx

  10. So glad that you are drawing and keeping your daily sketchbook Simone. This is a lovely lively seeing those busy bees buzzing!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  11. Your picture looks so full of life and movement Simone, really lovely xx


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