Thursday, 27 July 2017

One Thousand Blog Posts

This is it.  The 1000th post at Linden Grove blog.  Many of you have stayed with me throughout the journey including Rosie, Julia and Judy who all left comments back in August 2008 and whom still regularly comment today!  Rosie left the first comment on 8th August, Judy on the 12th and Julia on the 19th!  Thank you all so much for your loyalty and supportive comments over the years and for your friendship.  I will be sending Rosie, Judy and Julia a little paper crafted something by way of a thank you.

I never imagined that blogging would open so many doors for me.  Doors and windows into the lives of people, that without blogging - I would never come to know. Some days I enter the world of crochet bunny maker extraordinaire,Vivienne, at home in Ireland and see her latest creations with their hand sewn dresses and crochet cardigans, all matching so beautifully.  Other times I am sitting on the porch at a ridge meadow farm in Wisconsin as the night draws in, watching the sunset with Sharon as the chickens bed down for the night.  I am happy to witness life's celebrations in Vermont as Karen talks passionately about her little piece of earth.  Back at Wisconsin, Sharon's daughter Anne is a self taught artist and creator who has made a huge impression on me.  She is kind and intelligent and mastered the art of water colour painting with persistence, hard work and a love for the medium. I sit in her art studio with the cats and watch how she transforms a piece of paper into a botanical observation with meticulous strokes of a brush.  All of these people share a passion for nature, humanity and beauty as do many of my blog readers and commenters.

Of course I am not really in the presence of the great people depicted above.  It is all metaphorical.  They write with such diligence and conviction that I really feel as though I am by their side.

Thank you to all my friends old and new who comment, email and snail mail me.  You have all added an extra dimension to my life and enriched it more than I could ever hope.

If you would like to receive a little paper crafted something from me to celebrate my 1000th blog post then please leave a comment below to be put into the draw.

From the bottom of my heart - I thank you all  💗


  1. Awe...congratulations on your 1000th post Simone!!!
    I just love your descriptions of the places you really does show how blogging makes the world and the people in it a little more accessible, it's lovely how we can all dip into each others lives!!
    Here's to the next 1000 my friend....and please do enter me into your draw, that would be lovely.
    V x

  2. I love reading your posts.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Very, rude of me and I will sit on the naughty step and think about it! I should have congratulated you on your thousandth post. I read all you post, sorry I don't comment on all.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. So happy for you, Simone!! Thank you for mentioning me - yes we do go way back with our blogging friendship and I have always enjoyed knowing you, your excellent writing and your beautiful art work!! I too wish to read another 1000 posts from you! Congratulations!!!! xxx

  5. Congratulations, Simone!! 1000 posts is definitely something to celebrate. I'm so glad that our paths have become entwined. I look forward to seeing how you, your art and your art continue to grow and develop and evolve. Here's to the next 1000 posts!

    Wishing you all the best!

    (I have to admit that you brought a tear to my eye).

  6. Oh, congratulations Simone! I am very happy for you reaching this milestone. How nice to have kept in touch with some of your readers all this time as well... 1000 posts is a lot of blogging. I look forward to reading many more from you :) xx

  7. Oh, Simone, you dear one! You are kind to mention me.
    My most heartfelt congratulations on your 1000 post milestone! I am only sorry I hadn't "found" you earlier. Truth is, my life is blessed by each of your posts. Your photos always touch me. Your art work such a joy. Your struggles with life, so bravely shared with your blogging community, help each of us to honestly explore our own lives. I don't visit many blogs, but Linden Grove is a regular stop. You've given me so much. Many many thanks.
    Now. . . on to the next 1000!

  8. Congratulations on sticking with it for so long. Your crafty creations are always lovely. I wish you happiness and tranquility in your next 1000 posts!

  9. Congratulations on your 1000th post, what a huge accomplishment.
    It's been a pleasure to come and visit and see your pretty garden, the wonderful crafty makes and of course Gizmo.
    Lisa x

  10. Memories …….. as the song goes!!!

    Well, that’s certainly taken me back – August 2008 for me too when I entered blogland; and it seems to be Veronique Requena who was the reason. At the time, although I had heard the word ‘blog’, I had no idea what one was! I ‘Googled’ Veronique Requena having just bought the ‘Magic Patch’ magazine (which I still have!) and discovered the blog of a lovely Australian girl called Jo ….. and the rest, as they say, is history! I’m nowhere near as prolific as you, having only reached 225 posts. Thanks so much for your lovely words; and your kindness. I always enjoy reading your posts and watching how your artistic talents grow.

    Julia xxxx

    PS. Did you ever complete the penny rug kit Veronique sent to you?

  11. 1000 hits and they keep on coming!
    I am also coming on 1000 posts and that was going to be my post title!
    (Your posts really are hits though, me saying that is a hopeful dream!)
    Congrats on 1000 posts, I think that is a grand achievement. x

  12. How wonderful! Congratulations! I had no idea I was the first person to comment on your blog back in August 2008. We've been on a wonderful blogging journey together over the last few years haven't we? I look forward to many more visits to Linden Grove:)

  13. Hi Rosie! You were the first person to comment who still comments regularly today! :) I had prior comments by other readers but they comment no more!

  14. Oh, I understand now, I had thought there were others also commenting then too. What I should have said in my last comment was thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog over the years too:)

  15. Congratulations from me too, Simone! xx

  16. Well aren't you just the sweetest friend!
    Congratulations on 1000 posts. What an accomplishment!

  17. Congratulations Simone. That is some achievement, and there is always thought, work and worthiness in what you write. I may not comment often, but I do read, since your posts are always thought provoking and interesting.

  18. What an achievement! I'm glad that I've returned so I can celebrate your efforts!! Here's to another thousand!! :-)

  19. Congratulations Simone.....such an amazing achievement in the world of blogging! You have been so consistent with your lovely posts and always interesting. I enjoyed this one and how you captured being given glimpses of others lives through blogging....I love that about it too! Looking forward to many more visits to you here. Xox


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