Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wash Out Wednesday

It is pouring with rain.  It is miserable.  It is grey.  It is summer in England!  While neighbours bask in warmer climes abroad I am here at home again without a holiday for 9 years!  I have just spent 2 weeks trying to get the house in order, deep cleaning and getting rid of  'stuff'.  I was hoping that I could spend the latter part of August having days out at the beach or countryside but if today is an insight of things to come that is unlikely.

Every year I dread the summer.  There are no picnics or fun days out.  Everyone else seems to be away and having a wonderful time - yet I know that is not a true picture and just one that the advertising agencies would have us to believe.

I will make the most of the day.  Home made American pancakes for a mid morning snack, a run up to the local shop once the rain subsides, a movie to watch later and three bags full of odd socks to match or throw!  Life is what you make it isn't it?


  1. Not to rub it in Simone but the sun is shining here....but that usually means it will head your way tomorrow, as the weather patterns seem to do that. So sort your socks and plan for a sunshiny day!
    V x

  2. Indeed it is - life being what you make it I mean. Wet here too and cold. Imagine how annoyed you'd be had you paid to go away somewhere and had this weather at least you still have the money for an outing or two when the rain stops and in any case this time of year is not ideal for travel by the seems of things as warmer climes are too hot, airports a nightmare, and seasides in UK packed to bursting on the occasional fine day. I was in Bath yesterday and it was heaving with foreign tourists and people taking selfies! I think home is best at the moment. Hope you get the socks sorted and that there is cake for tea and maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

  3. It was raining here this morning and quite cool too but the sun appeared late this afternoon. We have had some wet miserable days too so we've been sorting and cleaning too. I hope the sun shines soon Simone so you can get out and about and into the garden:)

  4. We have had two days of solid downpour so far and the best thing is that I was able to get out and take walks in it, that was blissful. Rain always looks worse from the inside of a window - go out and enjoy splashing!

  5. Wish you could have had a nice holiday, Simone. But how good you must feel to have a nice clean house. I wish you some sunny days before the end of summer and perhaps an impromptu picnic!? xx

  6. Life is certainly what you make it! Someone said just that to me when I was in a horrible job when I was seventeen, but that is another story. We always have holidays at home, and go for days out regularly which includes a nice lunch.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. I definitely agree with that last sentence Simone.
    Hope you got the socks sorted, what a satisfying job to get them all paired up.
    The sun has made a bit of a return these last couple of days, hope it's been shining with you too.
    Lisa x

  8. Simone! So happy to have found you again:)
    Lovely to "hear" your voice.
    Grinning over your description of the facebook summers
    we all get triggered to compare our own to,
    with a hefty side of discontent:)
    (i've had no vacation, either. solidarity;))
    Big Summery hug,

  9. oh dear i am sorry you feeling little low right now but it is also a fact that not everybody in wrld except you is having just fun out there .
    eyes bluff you and sometimes observations too .

    people around the glob dealing with many different issues including me and during this dealing we all have take out a pOSITIVE piece of time just for gratitude for what we are blessed with and for pray for what we desire,
    i think you did lots of work to arrange your house and get tired .
    you will feel better when rain is over for sure and sun will smile through the blue window of sky towards you and say get out and enjoy


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