Saturday, 2 December 2017

A Random Sketch

Where has the time gone!  I have been in my job for 8 months now and feel this has been the quickest year of my life!  Blogging and reading blogs has had to go on hold whilst I remain productively employed but I miss you!  I miss having the time to read and and leave considered comments on blogs very often just skimming through words and pictures.  I still need to find a work/life balance as many people do.

I didn't want to have a picture-less post so sketched a random image.  She doesn't look very happy does she!  I can't wait to break up for the Christmas holiday period so I get a chance to catch up on my creative pursuits.  There is so much I want to draw, paint and make.

So for now, I leave you with a little sketch until the next time!


  1. Hi Simone - it was lovely to hear from you in my comment box - I miss you too but you sound otherwies quite happy now with yourself since you are taking time to eat well and have some employment etc and I feel your dilema at the work life balance though.
    I am down to 3 days a week at work now but still find myself pushed for time to do anything creative or really enjoyable. Hope 2018 is a good year for you and you will discover the secret to work life balance (and then share it with us LOL!) x

  2. Missed you too
    Hope you get back into a work/life balance routine

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Miss you too Simone, it is hard to keep that balance between work and home. You will be counting down to breaking up for Christmas:)

  4. Miss you too Simone! But glad you are happy and busy. Hope you get your work and leisure time balance right soon. xox

  5. awe miss you too Simone but love it when you pop into IG! :)
    Glad you're busy and happy though.
    V x

  6. Getting a balance is really hard isn't it.
    The weeks nip past at such a rate don't they.
    Since increasing my working week from 3 to 4 days I have definitely found it harder to keep on top of things. Plus this past couple of months we've been so short staffed at times that by the time I get in I don't have the energy!
    Lisa x

  7. Miss you too! Sweet little drawing Simone, I hope you are successful in finding the balance you seek. xx

  8. don't forget to breathe, buddy!

  9. I think we are all finding it hard to blog these days.....I read on my phone sometimes during lunch hour but can't comment often! still I will have a jolly good catch up when we break for Christmas. Miss you too! xxx


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