Sunday, 31 December 2017

Optimize 2018

I know some people think having a word of the year is a bit 'naff', but it helps to keep me on track and gives me a sense of direction for the year.  Last year's word choice was consolidate and I did manage to consolidate many areas of my life. 

My word for 2018 is Optimize, which you can see above means to make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity or resource). I hate wasting time and since getting a job earlier in the year I hardly have time to think let alone do.  I am going to make the best out of every day, utilizing it to the full! 

The last couple of weeks have passed on like a whirlwind and only now do I feel I can settle down to some kind of normal routine again (or plan to anyway).  I am eager for the new opportunities that 2018 may bring but apprehensive too.

Sending my readers' wishes for a happy and healthy 2018.  I hope it is all you want it to be and more.


  1. Well done Simone hope you manage to keep to your word in the coming months. Wishing you every good wish for 2018.

  2. Sounds like a good word to me. Happy New Year, Simone:)

  3. You had such a good year last year after the shaky start with your new job - it is very hard to work and fit life in around it - after 19 years mostly full time I am ready to wind down a bit.
    I wish you well with your optimization. Viv x

  4. Happy New Year Simone! I hope 2018 is everything you hope it to be xxx

  5. This Linden Grove fan is cheering you on. Happy 2018, dear friend.

  6. And wishing YOU a wonderful 2018, Simone, during which you optimize every opportunity that comes your way! May all good things come to you! xx

  7. Happy New Year Simone.
    I love reading your blog

    Julie xxxxxxx


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