Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Cluck, Cluck!

As we are now in spring time, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce my two 'spring chickens'! I had always wanted chickens as a little girl and on country visits I would always look out for hens and their chicks.

Well, in the spring almost three years ago I got my first two pet chickens. They are a joy to keep, low maintenance and a constant source of amusement. I usually get an egg a day off each of them, that is until a few weeks ago. One of the hens had laid an egg in the run and not in the nesting box. I went to retrieve the egg and before I could put my hands on it the ginger hen pecked a hole in it. Looking at the egg in a quizzical fashion she then proceeded to peck away at the egg and ate the whole thing, shell and all! She probably thought 'well if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me'!

Since then the eggs have been few and far between. I did find some dried up egg yolks underneath the roosting bars so I guess Miss Ginger has been up to her old tricks again!

* Does anyone on blogger know how to insert photo's into the text? Mine all end up above the text!


  1. Your hens look lovely - but now they have learnt to eat eggs you may not get any more - you should have a look for some advice about what to do. I grew up with a gazillion hens and we had some in our back garden until last year when we sadly decided we had to give them away (for a number of reasons!) The children complained bitterly but I am the only one who misses them!

  2. You're right Lucy! I must find out what to do as I have heard that once they get a taste for eggs they keep on eating them. I'll have to be extra vigilant and take the eggs away as soon as they pop out!

  3. Cheeky chickens indeed!

    And if I remember correctly, right click on the photo, select cut. Put the cursor where you want it, right click again and hit paste. Job done (hopefully)!

  4. Hi, to move your photos just click on them , keep the mouse button down and drag them down to the place where you want them...hope this works for you. I always remember collecting eggs from the chicken house on farm holidays--loved it
    Lisa x

  5. Hi Ali and Periwinkle! Thank you both very much on advice about moving photos. Hopefully having the photos inserted into the text will make the blog look more interesting. Thanks for coming over to visit too!

  6. Hi Simone,
    Good luck with the hen..luckily none of our hens have taken eggs, but we have lost a few to rats!
    It might be worth getting a couple of pretend eggs {you can usually buy them in animal food shops} or even hard boiled ones and put them in the laying can sometimes help to encourage laying.
    Have really enjoyed my first visit here and loved your 'Sunday Tea' post :o)
    Thanks for your lovely comments Gina x

  7. Hi! I wish we had chickens.

    I will have to try Ali and Periwinkle's advice. I have the same problem too, so what I end up doing is uploading all the photos I want before I do any writing, and then I write around the photos. But it would be much simpler if I could move the photos around!

  8. Ooooh and Eglu! I have chickens too, but they have retired boo hoo. I will have to get some more as there's nothing like finding eggs from your own chickens. Like a childhood easteregg hunt every day!

  9. I just found your blog by accident. hens eating their eggs is quite a problem! This is going to sound odd
    I grew up on a little farm and can't stop myself from giving a little advice. Blow out a raw egg as if you were going to use it for craft, then sqirt in a tbale spoon or two ofmustard and put it in the laying box. Once they taste the mustard, they should stop.
    Where are my manners, now. This is a very nice blog you have. See you around.


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