Saturday, 31 May 2008


I have a cat
A naughty ginger cat
Who loves to hunt
And stalk around
The little creatures
On the ground
I used to have two lady cats
Who did as they were told
They sat demurely by the door
They really was quite old
But now I have a boy cat
A bushy, fluffy, feral
We thought we'd name him Gizmo
But this rhymes better with Merrill
Naughty Ginger Gizmo
He'd have your arm off in a flash
And the privilege of keeping him
Cost me fifty pounds in cash
I'm sure I'll grow to love him
It's not yet been a year
He's going through a 'teen phase'
When It will end is not yet clear
He likes to tease the chickens
And jump at them from height
Poor Rolo and Peppercorn
It does give them a fright
But Gizmo has his moments
When dreaming of a mouse
He purrs and purrs so loudly
It almost rocks the house
Poem by Simone 31 May 2008


  1. Thanks for your comment on my quilt. That is a great poem and the cat is lovely
    Lisa x

  2. Very good!!
    I've spent weeks studying poetry with my GCSE pupils..your poem is much better than some we've had to study ;-) Sal

  3. Wonderful poem Simone! I'm hopeless at poetry.. I love the name Gizmo and our pup Jess must be going through the same phase.. he is such a handful. I think his bad habits had been thoroughly ingrained by the time we adopted him! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Gx

  4. Hi Simone
    I am not even going to attempt to answer in prose.. I am hopeless at poetry but admire anyone who has a talent for it as you do..
    Gizmo is a fine beast, despite his adolescent habits.. it must be hard is hard not to love him!


  5. Love the poem and Gizmo sounds wonderful, if not a bit of a handful!

  6. Oh, I love the boy, so fluffy and gorgeous! Well done on the poem too,

  7. That was great. Adorable kitty.

  8. Simone, did you really make up that poem? I'm impressed. I wonder what other talents you're hiding from us girl?

  9. I like Gizmo the naughty cat. He can come and live with me anytime. Fantastic poem, good practice for those verses to put in your cards! x


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