Saturday, 31 May 2008


I have a cat
A naughty ginger cat
Who loves to hunt
And stalk around
The little creatures
On the ground
I used to have two lady cats
Who did as they were told
They sat demurely by the door
They really was quite old
But now I have a boy cat
A bushy, fluffy, feral
We thought we'd name him Gizmo
But this rhymes better with Merrill
Naughty Ginger Gizmo
He'd have your arm off in a flash
And the privilege of keeping him
Cost me fifty pounds in cash
I'm sure I'll grow to love him
It's not yet been a year
He's going through a 'teen phase'
When It will end is not yet clear
He likes to tease the chickens
And jump at them from height
Poor Rolo and Peppercorn
It does give them a fright
But Gizmo has his moments
When dreaming of a mouse
He purrs and purrs so loudly
It almost rocks the house
Poem by Simone 31 May 2008


periwinkle said...

Thanks for your comment on my quilt. That is a great poem and the cat is lovely
Lisa x

Sal said...

Very good!!
I've spent weeks studying poetry with my GCSE pupils..your poem is much better than some we've had to study ;-) Sal

dottycookie said...

He's lovely!

Gina said...

Wonderful poem Simone! I'm hopeless at poetry.. I love the name Gizmo and our pup Jess must be going through the same phase.. he is such a handful. I think his bad habits had been thoroughly ingrained by the time we adopted him! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Gx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Simone
I am not even going to attempt to answer in prose.. I am hopeless at poetry but admire anyone who has a talent for it as you do..
Gizmo is a fine beast, despite his adolescent habits.. it must be hard is hard not to love him!


Ragged Roses said...

Love the poem and Gizmo sounds wonderful, if not a bit of a handful!

scj said...

Oh, I love the boy, so fluffy and gorgeous! Well done on the poem too,

elizabeth said...

That was great. Adorable kitty.

Simmy said...

Simone, did you really make up that poem? I'm impressed. I wonder what other talents you're hiding from us girl?

LOUISE said...

I like Gizmo the naughty cat. He can come and live with me anytime. Fantastic poem, good practice for those verses to put in your cards! x