Wednesday, 4 June 2008

She's at it Again!

I felt a card making moment coming on today so instead of getting outside to tackle the lawn (the rain has eventually stopped) I thought I would torment myself into perfecting my card making skills. (Click on the photos for a closer look.)

After wading my way into the spare room/craft room/junk room and hope to be 'studio' room one day, I armed myself with a few bits and pieces to make some simple cards - coloured cardstock, ink pad, scissors, stamps, decoupage papers etc I set to work on producing a couple of cards.

I was quite pleased with the end results! I decided to go for rustic fairies rather than sugary, glittery ones. Firstly I stamped a frame onto the card with sepia ink. I then made a mask for the stamped frame as I wanted to stamp some grass that looked like it was behind the frame. I then stamped the grass over the frame with the mask in place. Next I decoupaged up my little fairy. They are really tiny - only about an inch tall. To give an overall rustic effect I rubbed an ink pad all around the edge of the card and around the envelope too. Finally I stamped a tiny bee on the card and envelope to match.

I took one of the photos outside in dappled shade with a few strategically placed strawberries for effect!

These cards are far from perfect but they are made from the heart with as much care and attention as I can muster.

Here's to the next card making session. Perhaps I'll manage to make as many as three next time!


  1. They are brill..I clicked on each pic to get a really big picture and they look so good on my larger are really clever! Sal;-)

  2. Yet again some wonderful stuff -where do you find time!!

  3. I too clicked on your cards for a closer look and they really are lovely Simone. You have a natural flair with papercraft. I don't know about making three, you ought to be thinking wholesale! x

  4. I just love the little bee!

  5. These are delightful Simone.. they have such a charm about them..
    I am with you on the junk/craft, spare bedroom/glorified mess room... One day we will have our own crafting studios but for now it is the kitchen table for me!


  6. Such lovely cards, the bee is cute. Knitted knickers will be revealed soon - I think I can remember seeing pics of knitted costumes and thank you for the plate advice
    Lisa x

  7. Your fairies are lovely - remind me of pre-war fairies and lovely old books with Arthur Rackham illustrations. Such subtle colours too. I have crafty urges like that too - I know how they can stop chores getting done...

  8. They are so perfect...I like made form the heart most. The oolours are really nice too. You should make more and put them up for sale Simone.
    Carol xx

  9. They're beautiful! Loved looking on them close up, just lovely. Have a good weekend

  10. Beautiful. I love rustic faeries.

  11. Wonderful cards Simone.. I'm a much bigger fan of rustic than glitter!
    Beautiful work! :)

  12. I clicked to look closer, and they look pretty close to perfection to me!

    I have a craft/mess room that is supposed to be my studio room too! Hmmm... I think I'd better get started!

  13. hi simone(and gizmo)
    thanks for the comment on my beach pictures, i popped over to see you, i love these fairy cards you've made. Kat x


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