Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I'll Let You In To A Secret.....

As children, my sister and I didn't want for anything. We were well fed and well looked after. Occasionally our mum would pop around to the corner shop if she needed to get some extra groceries and would leave us alone for about fifteen minutes.

Now comes the guilty 'secret'. No sooner had mum closed the front door my sister and I would dash straight to the kitchen, open the kitchen cupboard, dip our fingers in the sugar tin and drink vinegar straight from the vinegar bottle! Now what was that all about?

On reflection mum was probably going to the shops to replenish the sugar and vinegar supplies wondering why it was disappearing at such a rapid rate!

The picture at the top of the post is a doll designed by Marie Osmond. I was an avid doll collector when I was a child and writing about the sugar and vinegar incident made me recall my childhood and remember some of the dolls I collected. I never threw a doll out so they are probably in a loft somewhere gathering dust. The dolls I had included Sindy, Patch, Barbie, Tiny Tears, Pippa, Sasha. Timey Tell, Tracey's Tea Party, Chrissy and her cousin and even blonde Action Man with a beard!!!

I started collecting dolls again as an adult, mainly artists vinyl and porcelain dolls. I no longer collect dolls and they are sadly packed away in tissue and hidden inside cupboards. I may dust them off one day and feature them on this blog so they at least get an airing!


  1. Simone, what WAS the drinking of vinegar all about! I wish I still had all of my childhood dolls. I still have my Pippa and Daisy dolls with their accessories. My Sindy has no hands so I have just sold some vintage Sindy outfits on ebay. Rather sad in a way but they are only gathering dust as you say, and you can't keep everything. I would love to see some of those dolls from your childhood. x

  2. Drinking vinegar - urrgh!!!! My mum would rinse my hair in it now and again when I was little and I can still remember the smell - urrrgh!! I can of course understand the sugar dipping!

  3. drinking vinegar - where did that come from.. i think ive still got my sindys and pippa too
    lisa x

  4. My sister had a Sindy and then a little while later, Patch.
    I knitted loads of clothes for them.
    Then came a huge furore in Newton Abbot town centre, when a window display with Sindy and Paul, showed them in the same bed!
    I'll never forget it!! (Neither did Paul!!)LOL

  5. I still collect Barbies and have lots of them on display round the house - maybe I should do a post and show them off, what do you think? I do love my dolls

    WHY would you want to drink vinegar???

    April xx

  6. oh wow, vinegar?! that is intense!!!!!!! hahaha... i think its swell to keep your dolls and collect them at any age... my mom's flickr is full of her collections!!! i just ave her all my barbies... and it looks like isabella is gonna be into dolls too :) ah memories...

    your vinegar story is gonna stick with me... that'd make an funny illustration :D

  7. I can understand your vinegar craving but mine had to have pickles included.. any pickle will do!
    I was passionate about my dolls too and had numerous and varied characters. I had a 'Michelle' doll which I loved (of course) and have tried to find since but can't find any trace of them.. She had a rag body but plastic limbs and head..
    I still have my Barbies.. somwhere!


  8. Oh Simone...what naughty little girls! I did strange things like that too...I would fill a saucer with Milo (the chocotlate drink)and eat it with a spoon...and I hate to confess this one...I used to have a swig from the Advocate bottle at Christmas and eat the little jar of cherries!
    Carol x


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